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How the Stockholm Christmas bomber and Islamic jihadism in general, exposes the Left’s cognitive dissonance where their anti-Israelism is concerned.

Remember earlier this year when the Tundra Tabloids posted about the Mayor of Malmö, we he said Swedish Jews were in part to blame for the rise of anti-Semitism in Sweden, particularly in Malmö Sweden?

The Tundra Tabloids: “Asked to condemn anti-Semitism in his city, the Social Democrat suggested in a January interview to Skånska Dagbladet—published on International Holocaust Memorial Day, no less—that it’s partly the Jews’ own fault. Their crime? They didn’t “distance” themselves from Israel and the Gaza war. “The community chose to hold a pro-Israel demonstration,” Mr. Reepalu said, a move that “may convey the wrong message.”

So how does the Left justify their stance towards Jews in Sweden, while they fail to demand the same from Muslims living in Sweden in regards to their terrorist co-religionists?

Here’s a situation in which cold blooded murderers set out to create as much human collateral damage as possible in targeting unarmed civilians, as opposed to a state defending itself from the same verminous threat. Yet it’s Swedish Jews who are to blame for the anti-Semitism directed towards them, while Muslims are not responsible for the rise of “islamophobia”.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is the fact that Islamophobia is a concocted faux “racism or bigotry”, since no one can actually be racist towards an ideology, all the while, the same followers of this ideology are vehemently anti-Semitic or Judeophobic, (which ever word suits your preference), to the point of calling for, and carrying out, violence against individual Jews.

The Left’s infatuation with the bogus phobia has led to more problems than the bogus phobia has caused to the people of that ideology called Islam. Here’s an excellent article in Swedish that needs to be translated into proper English, that focuses on exactly this phenomenon. Thanks to Reinhard for the hat tip to it. For now the crappy google version is all I have. KGS

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  1. The politically correct left always has a way of blaming the victim for the crime.

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