Finland Sweden jihad bomb attack



NOTE: Seminar to the Finnish police group on this topic 3 years ago..and they didnt believe them.

HSI:This form of terrorism will be an ever growing trend globally. To understand the mentality of the suicide culture is one of the most fundamental steps to understanding how to combat this form of terrorism. The neglect to understand why it is  happening will result in future blood and suffering. The security of the people within a country that is seeing this form of  terrorism will slowly decline, giving way to fear and control by those radical extremists. We already see this happening through out Spain, France, and Sweden.

In our view at HSI, we encourage European security firms as well as law enforcement people to get educated. The lack of education in this growing global terrorist trend will cause more blood and fear to come.

The Tundra Tabloids was contacted by an anonymous source in contact with both principle parties and relayed the following eye opening information. Certain top level Finnish officials who are in a position to make the public aware of this kind of threat were, over all, negetive about this kind of seminar and thought that it promoted fear. The anonymous source also told the TT that they (the police) thought it raised unneeded fear in the public eye, and that there was no more need to promote more courses such as these.

The TT also found out that since 2006, no more courses were run, due to the negetive view of the Finnish security, police and media people. It’s one of the main reason HSI stopped giving those kind of courses in Finland,,, they (the police) simply stopped coming.

Stunning. I wonder if they’ll now be ringing HSI’s phone off the hook? They should be if they care about protecting Finnish citizens. KGS

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  1. The only way there will be peace in the Middle East would be if Israel was obliterated. The presence of the Jewish state has destabilised the entire region. Just consider this – was the Middle East more stable before or after 1948?

  2. This logic is wrong on so many levels.

    1. He’s living in a country colonised by his ancestors at the expense of the Maoris.

    2. Does this mean there should also be no Kurdish state? Should we just ignore the interests of all minorities? Is might therefore right? eg Because Arabs are violent its Israel’s fault?

    3. By the same logic there should be no Arab States as the region was more stable when ruled by the British and French.

    4. Its historically incorrect as the Middle East has historically been one of the most violent areas in the world eg Crusades, Turkish conquest of Byzantine Empire etc.

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