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Published on behalf of the ICLA: International Defence League Movement to Demonstrate in Two Cities, in Two Different Countries on Saturday 11 December 2010 – Holland and England United!

Saturday 11 December will see the first simultaneous Defence League demonstration in two countries. The English Defence League will be demonstrating in Peterborough against Islamic extremism and creeping sharia.

At the same time the Dutch Defence League will be taking its first modest and tentative steps in The Hague in the Netherlands. The Dutch will be protesting outside the Iranian embassy against the excesses of the Iranian regime and in support of the Iranian democracy movement. No-one should have to suffer under sharia, not even in a Muslim country!

It is great to see the opposition to the imposition of sharia norms growing and spreading across Europe.

UPDATE: EDL clean up after Leftist student mess and honor wartime hero:

The chaos and damage caused by militant students in London yesterday has rightly being condemned. English Defence League activists are often the victims of the anarchist mobs who increasingly run rampant in British towns and cities and who appear to have connected themselves to the student movement. I would guess that many of these hard core Marxist activists are also people who protest against the EDL and its campaign to preserve British values, culture, and civilisation.

Of course, the anarchist types who deliberately disrupt EDL events have no civic pride and look on their country and its environment with utter contempt. Anarchists and the revolutionary left just want to destroy things of value be that the built environment or the traditions, rights, and freedoms that have been built up over centuries.

Read the rest here.

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