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An excerpt:

Which brings us to the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiating impasse. I am not talking about the tactical problem posed by continued or discontinued Israeli construction in West Bank settlements, which will probably be resolved, after some bumps and hesitations. I am speaking of a basic, strategic impasse which, unfortunately, is far more cogent and telling than the ongoing “negotiations,” which are unlikely to lead to a peace treaty or even a “framework” agreement for a future peace accord. This unlikelihood stems from a set of obstacles that I see as insurmountable, given current political-ideological mindsets.

The first, the one that American and European officials never express and—if impolitely mentioned in their presence—turn away from in distaste, is that Palestinian political elites, of both the so-called “secular” and Islamist varieties, are dead set against partitioning the Land of Israel/Palestine with the Jews. They regard all of Palestine as their patrimony and believe that it will eventually be theirs. History, because of demography and the steady empowerment of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the West’s growing alienation from Israel, and because of Allah’s wishes, is, they believe, on their side. They do not want a permanent two-state solution, with a Palestinian Arab state co-existing alongside a (larger) Jewish state; they will not compromise on this core belief and do not believe, on moral or practical grounds, that they should.

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NOTE: Here’s a video of Benny Morris speaking at Helsinki University that the TT took last month.

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  1. Back when I first got on the internet (1988) Morris was the darling of all the Communists because he helped them demonize Israel and make the case for a single bi-national (Arab dominated) state, or at the least recognition of the terrorist PLO (which ultimately happened to Israel’s detriment). Today, Morris is the grey-haired conservative defending Israel’s existence against an onslaught of Communist de-legitimization efforts.

    It wasn’t always this way and those that pursued the Oslo path have pretty much been discredited. Morris states that the Arabs reject a “two-state solution”, but what he fails to mention is that they ALWAYS rejected it. Moreover, Morris fails to mention that this was well known amongst his political opponents and routinely DENIED by his political allies.

    The failure of Arabs to embrace a two-state solution is not the shortcoming of Arab intellectuals. The failure of the Arabs to embrace a two-state solution is a result of the successful maintenance of a manifest policy of anti-Semitism throughout the Arab League.

  2. Where are the QnA of this video? where’s the whole thing ? I saw the QnA once, Morris was good.

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