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  1. Charles and Camilla are shocked, shocked I tell you. He, the defender of ‘faiths’, attacked by the thugs. Just wait until Islam takes over England, his head will be the first to roll. Pompous twits, look at the utopia you have created, and ask yourself why the peons don’t respect you.

    1. Good point John. England, under this moron, who wants to be known as “defeder of the faith(s)”, will be hastened towards its eventual dhimmitude. Yes, he doesn’t have real political power, but he stands to promote the multiculti agenda, giving it a platform that his mother never has.

  2. The elites never suffer as does the ordinary UK citizen living in a bankrupt nation, not only financially but politically. The British folks have been sold out by the very representatives that are supposed to save them not help enslave them. The mass immigration and millions more on the dole, the wage warfare of competing for fewer and fewer jobs has turned the UK into a pathetic basket case. Most nations need immigration to help grow their economies, however you can’t keep bringing in folks who will not work and are illiterate and intend to remain a permanent burden on the host country, refuse to act civilly, assimilate, bleeding what little financial resources that are left. This permanent underclass will only lead to further destruction of the nation.

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