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Whining Muslim alert. This is what happened the first time Lars Vilks spoke at Uppsala University in Sweden. KGS

Reinhard: Muslims who were denied entry by the police to Lars Vilks’ lecture in Uppsala have filed a discrimination complaint. In the interview they offer to help the police with sensitivity training.

Lars Vilks: No round II for you

H/T: Reinhard

Denied entry to Vilks lecture – filed complaint with Discrimination Ombudsman.

Politiskt Inkorrekt: DISCRIMINATION INDUSTRY: The four Muslim men who were stopped from entering the Lars Vilks lectures at Uppsala University in October feel discriminated against by the police and will make a report to the D.O..

It was October 7 that Lars Vilks made his controversial lecture, this time without the drama . Last time, in May, it didn’t go so well when a bunch of crazy Muslims showed their true colors in what would become a world-renowned battles .

Prior to the last lecture they had a rigorous safety put in place, similar to that of an airport. Four men, all Muslims, were stopped from entering the lecture. Three of them were escorted some kilometres away from the place.

– There were four young men who did not come into the room. There were suspicions that they planned to implement some form of expression of opinion which would interfere with Lars Vilks lecture.

Christer Nordström, Uppsala police spokesman

One of those was escorted away was Yasri Khan, who claims to be ignorant to the reason that he was driven away, except they wore shirts with a logo for Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice.

– Muslims are often portrayed as perpetrators. We wanted to show that the image does not match by appearing completely peaceful. If Vilks went too far, we would show our displeasure by raising us and go out, we had decided.

Khan says it has not received any explanation as to why police acted as they did, and would like to know why they ran away, and who took the decision that this would be done. He considers it to be ironic when the lecture was about freedom of speech, and says that it only seems to apply to some but not for others.

Now Khan and his comrades DO notify local police.

– We are currently being finalized with the notification. We’ll just go through the details with our legal representatives.

He has now concluded that the police need training.

– We are happy to help. It is not just about what they did to us, this is a structural problem with the police.

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