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This is an excellent post by the Baron, well worth the read, if you really want to know what the situation is with the EDL and Britain today. KGS

Taking the Big Risk

As much as I would like the English Defence League to be somewhat different, it has my complete support and my admiration. I doubt I would have the grit to do what those EDL boys are doing this weekend.

Moreover, they are the only game in town. So we’ll just have to let the EDL be what it is. When the time is right, its scope will expand to include other sectors of English society — all of which face the same deadly threat, whether they realize it or not.

In the meantime, raise a foaming glass to the “skinheads” and “hooligans” who are taking to the streets on behalf of the rest of England. They remember what England once was, and what it could be again. And they’re willing to risk everything they have for it.

They’re real heroes.

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  1. Yes most of these young men and women are out in the public and witness the crap that the arrogant hard core Islamists perpetrate every day. The MSM and the political class are the real ‘useful idiots’, fools, lackeys, and lapdogs of Islam. I’m assuming that a lot of violent street crime in the UK is grossly under reported, heaven forbid that the ethnic background and ‘faith’ of the accused be revealed.

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