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One exclusive set of rules for them, and another set of rules to govern the rest of us. That’s the route this bending over backwards buffoonery is taking us on. KGS

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IT: Muslim student with headphones during music hour

Document.No: A fifteen year old Muslim girl attending high school in the small town Reggello, not far from Florence, has been allowed to wear hearing protection in the music hour after her Moroccan father threatened to take her out of school unless she dropped to hear the “impure” music, which in his opinion is “some stuff disbelief.”

This absurd compromise, which deprives the girl the opportunity to take advantage of some of the teaching curriculum that requires her to have, occurred after an argument between the family and school management last year. His father held the girl home from school so many times that she got for high absence to pass his one-year courses, and thus could not be moved up to the next stages of education. Rector reviewed the relationship with the police, which resulted in a lawsuit that is still in progress against the father because he has not ensured that the girl get their legal education.

In anticipation of the matter being settled, and to ensure that the damage in the meantime is minimized for the fifteen year-old, the parents and teachers agreed to implement this farce of a musical education.

The father is happy with the workaround, and stated the following in the matter: “My daughter is happy to follow the Quranic commandments. Our religion obliges us not to study music, it is written in the holy books. “The father is also one of the representatives of the Muslim community on-site representatives who could hardly have expressed that they are Islamists in a more convincing way. The imam in Florence – apparently Islamist – is also satisfied with the compromise and said he is concerned that we must find solutions that everyone can be satisfied without creating a stir.

School City Government stands blankly at her father’s demands, and so do social Commissioner, commenting: “Our school is for everyone, but Muslims should adapt to the culture of the country they live in.”

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  1. Can you imagine missing out on Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles, Puccini, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Al Green, Phil Glass, just to name a few of the talents with which we have been graced? Clearly this “religion” is not in touch with a transcendent aspect of the divine.

  2. The solution is really quite simple. Western education would ‘conflict’ with muslim students. Therefore there is no need to accept them into western schools.
    They can study in one of the muslim countries that have a university or high school. That way there can be no more conflict with their ideals.

  3. For Muslim students the schools should have a different curriculum that includes beheading studies, bomb making, child marriages, stoning technology and honor killing.

    This would ensure full attendance at schools and colleges and would encourage muslim parents to send their children to school.

  4. If any ITALIAN family threatened to keep their child from school -for any reason at all- the authorities would pound on them with the full and merciless force of the law!

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