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This was forwarded to the Tundra Tabloids by the ICLA. KGS

Chanukah and the EDL!?

To my dear friends of the EDL
from Rabbi Shifren
December 3, 2010

Now this connection, at first glance, looks strange! But let’s analyze this for a moment:

Centuries ago, Hellenism was the order of the day. Their gods, their culture, mythology–everything pointed in the direction of Athens. They were the strongest hegemony on the Earth, with their influence extended to all points on the globe.

But for all that, the Greeks were an intellectual people. They love rationale in sciences, math, literature and of course, philosophy. What’s interesting, and most people don’t realize, is that the Greeks were very keen on Jewish “philosophy.” They admired the intellectual talmudic debates and logic.

When they marched through the Middle East, they stopped in Jerusalem and let the people know that they meant them no harm. Indeed, they explained, they rather RESPECTED AND GAVE TRIBUTE TO, the rationale and philosophy of the Jewish sages. They agreed to a live-and-let live relationship. However, the grace shown here was conditioned on one premise:that there be no gods worshipped other than those of the Greeks. Many caved in, and were known as Jewish Hellenists. Ultimately, these were to imitate them in dress, customs and physical traits, so pervasive was their influence.

When most people kow-towed to their Greek masters, ingratiating themselves in every manner, there was a handful of patriots that refused to submit to Hellenism and their ordinances. The now-famous Maccabees of ancient lore, a father and several sons, threw down the gauntlet and fought the Greeks with a guerilla-style method that is emulated to this day. This story of Chanukah is really a universal theme: as it says in the blessing sanctifying the occasion, “the many against the few,”

Why do men refuse to yield to armies or even political correctness, in our day, though it will be bad for them or their families? Why is the side of obvious righteousness so sparsely populated with patriots? Going against the flow has never been easy, now and in all previous history. It requires a special, inner strength, that very rare human trait of altruism and self-sacrifice.

England today is all about Chanukah! Never before has there been so much pressure to conform, to turn a blind eye to the halal meat, the ubiquitous mosques, the debilitating consequences of sharia to English culture, language, and freedom. Never has a society so attacked the one group that is on the front line, JUST AS THE MACCABEES WERE SLANDERED AND MARGINALIZED BY THEIR SEDITIOUS, FIFTH-COLUMN BROTHERS.

Despite the scurrilous, outrageous treachery by the BBC, “The Times”, “The Guardian” and the rest of the Left wing British press against those English patriots that refuse to fall in line with the biggest scam and societal transformation in modern history, it is the English Defense League that carries the impossible burden for all of Britain in a war that no one will fight, in a fateful confrontation with evil and darkness, far away from the politically correct elitists who shun the historic battle taking place right before their noses.

How many letters have I received from English stalwarts who, despite reprisals against them at work or by Leftist colleagues, continue the righteous fight, knowing full well that the outcome will effect their children and grandchildren! These are the true heroes of Britain today. And as we kindle those luminous reminders of days so long ago, giving tribute to the brave brothers who refused to forsake their G-d and way of life even though death seemed certain, let us remember for a moment the brave, honorable, and good men and women of the ENGLISH DEFENSE LEAGUE. If ever there was a group that needed our prayers and support, it is they. Blessings to all my friends on this auspicious moment of Chanukah, where we give honor to the FEW, THE GOOD, AND THE BRAVE.

Blessings to you all,
Your friend, Rabbi Shifren

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
California Security Council

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