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Paul Weston gave a speech earlier today, at a conference of the Alliance of the European Freedom and National Parties in Israel. Here it is in full, first published by the Gates of Vienna. KGS


Ladies and gentlemen,

Many thanks to the organisers of this conference, who in these peculiar times we live in must go unnamed, and many thanks for inviting me to speak here in Israel, which is both the historical birthplace of Judeo/Christian Western Civilisation, and the current epicentre in the fight to defend the West in its centuries old war against radical Islam.

Israel understands it is at war, and Israel understands it is both a defensive war and a religious war against mono-cultural and expansionist Islam. Most of the multicultural West, of course, protected by decades of peace and distracted by intensive political indoctrination and brainwashing from an early age, fails to understand this one simple fact.

But the West needs to wake up. Having lived through the bloodshed and carnage of 20th Century Nazism and Communism, Europe now seems perversely determined to resurrect Nazism in the form of radical Islam, and Communism in the form of the modern Socialist hard-left, who appear determined to bring down the Christian Capitalist West via their Islamic allies, no matter what this may mean for their own children’s future.

There are many who will sneer at the comparison of radical Islam and the Nazi Party, but those who do so are either wilfully ignorant or deliberately evil. What ideology wished to exterminate the Jews? What ideology wished to murder the homosexuals? What ideology had global domination as its central theme, for which it was prepared to use violence and terror? What ideology revered its leader as a prophet who could do no wrong? What ideology thought of women as second class citizens fit only for religious study, the bedroom and the kitchen?

The answer of course is the Nazi Party, but I challenge any liberal-leftist to explain exactly how radical Islam differs in any way, and to explain to me how the leftist support of a political/religious cult that adheres to the basic tenets of Nazism can possibly be squared against the left’s supposed anti-fascist credentials.

Europe and the West now potentially face the most catastrophic disaster of our own making. We have imported Islam in such numbers as to make ourselves a minority within our own lands within the next few decades. In the case of Britain, recent reports suggest the indigenous British will become a minority by 2066. But this is not quite the whole story.

We non-reproducing British are an ageing and declining demographic, whilst the fast-reproducing Islamic demographic is notable for its youth. Islam may not become an overall majority until later this century, but it will become a majority amongst young males aged eighteen to thirty within the next two to three decades.

I do not need to tell anyone here about the importance of this statistic. Males aged 18-30 of course, are those who wage war, and history tells us that even though they may be outnumbered by moderates, the fanatical minority are always the ones who seize power and the fanatical minority are always the ones who initiate war.

Surveys suggest that 40% of Muslims in Britain wish to live under Sharia Law. Their massively expanding numbers — which will continue to grow at breakneck speed even if immigration were stopped tomorrow — coupled with their undiluted fanaticism, can mean only one thing — Britain is going to have to fight for its very survival within the next 20 years.

In other words, Britain and many countries in Europe are going to find out what it is like to live as Israel has lived since its rebirth in 1948. Britain is going to find out that being hated by Islam it is not because of territory, of occupation, or of settlements, but rather more simply because its indigenous inhabitants are not of the Islamic faith and must therefore be converted, dominated, or killed.

And again, such a statement is by no means hysterical. After the three-week Muslim torture and murder of Ilan Halimi in Paris, 2006, Israel suggested France was no longer safe for Jews to live in.

And Britain is not far behind. The East London Mosque is host to various Islamic haters of the West, whilst being simultaneously linked to the British government which has rolled over and submitted to Islam. In 2004 the East London Mosque allowed Sheikh Abdur-Rahman-al-Sudais, an imam at the Grand Al Haraam Mosque in Mecca, to make the following comment, which was not of course deemed an incitement to racial or religious hatred. Quote:

Read history and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of Jews of today, who are all evil offspring, infidels, distorters of words, the scum of the human race whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs… these are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil and corruption.

Quite frankly, such gross anti-Semitic rhetoric would have left even Adolf Hitler struggling to compete. To hear it spoken with no fear of recrimination in Europe today is deeply disturbing.

The British people and their European friends need to understand that expansionist Islam makes us the 21st century version of the 20th Century Jews of Europe. It does not matter if we are Christian, Hindu, atheist, homosexual, lesbian, conservative or liberal — we will simply be defined by what we are not. We are not Islamic.

So we must overcome our smaller differences in our alliance against the mono-culture of Islam that wishes to dominate us, and the most important alliance today must be that between the West and Israel.

Western Civilisation was founded on Judeo-Christianity. It was born near here, on the slopes of Mt Sinai where Moses received The Ten Commandments, and it is defended here, in Israel, the focal point of Islam’s attack upon the West.

When we call for freedom and democracy, then by default, we stand with Israel. When we call for truth and honesty with regard to Islam, then we stand with Israel. When we call for bravery, determination and sacrifice in our struggle against Islam then we stand with Israel. When we call for the right to free speech and the right to a peaceful existence, then we stand with Israel.

When we call upon God to help us defeat evil, then we stand with Israel. When we call out the traitors, the appeasers, the propagandists and the anti-Western haters within Europe’s political and media class, then again we stand with Israel.

We are rooted together in this struggle, and rooted together we will stand or we will fall. And if Israel falls then the consequences for the West will be both horrific and cataclysmic. We cannot, we must not, and we will not allow this to happen. Long live Western Civilisation. Long live Israel!

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