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Every year on Dec.6. there is a grand style ball at the presidential palace to celebrate Finnish Independence Day (Finland is currently a EU member state and no longer sovereign nor an independent state), where up to 1800 people from foreign embassies, Finnish artists and politicians, athletes and other invited guests line up to shake hands with the President and her husband.

Afterwards there’s eating, drinking and dancing, all done under the eye of the people sitting at home watching the festivities on television. The women like commenting on the dresses worn and the next day the tabloids are filled with pictures of the best and worst dress etc., you get the picture. This time around the winner of the most offensive dress and worst mom award goes to Umayya Abu-Hanna, a Left-wing Palestinian propagandist who wore a dress with a mosque on the back of it along with a picture of Desmond Tutu, the anti-Semite cleric from S.Africa.

She also had the audacity to hand to the president as she shook hands, a letter from her daughter that whined about her not being invited to the ball. Umayya complained that her daughter was “extremely offended” for not being invited, (it’s for adults only) so instead of reminding the daughter that there are things in life that disappoint, and “unfair”, the whiner gets her daughter to write a letter telling that the president isn’t invited to her day care party.

That’s the whining mentality of the Left and blowhard spinmeisters like Umayya Abu-Hanna. Her crappy looking dress was only made less crappy by the inclusion of her daughter on the front of it, who happens to be a cute kid with a lousy, liar of a mother. KGS

The mosque and Desmond Tutu’s face is appropriately on the backside of Abu-Hanna’s rump.

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  1. OMG! This is just embarrasing! I don’t know if that dress makes me want to laugh or cry

  2. Some folks just love making a jackass of themselves, they just can’t resist.

    1. She a professional whiner, raising a whiner. She’s everything we don’t need here in Finland.

  3. I simply can’t imagine how anyone would want to be at such a gathering.

    I mean all these self-important, pompous clowns strutting around — the whole thing just makes one laugh.

    The sheer pretentiousness and stupidity of it all.

    As for the bishop of Helsinki strutting around like some star in the firmament – is she worth feeding?

    Are any of these dopes worth feeding??

    1. Why is it an issue to you how a country chooses to celebrate its Independence Day? In Finland, they begin the day by honouring their war dead, then move on to a military parade, and finally top the day off with a ball at the presidents palace, where influential celebrities and even ordinary citizens – who have contributed to the country in some extraordinary manner – are invited to dine and dance the day to its end. The Finns have every reason to be proud of what they, as such a tiny nation, have achieved. I actually find your remark downright impudent. Maybe you’re a deluded EU fanatic or some lefty wingnut borderless internationalist, from the One World Solidarity Movement? That would per se account for your disgust of any expression of national pride, in particular Independence Day celebrations, as you would perceive the world as one undivided holistic entity, void of borders and national identity. That is of course just me speculating and you are welcome to correct me, and enlighten me of any eventual inaccuracies in my judgment of your character, anytime at your convenience.

      1. Dear Infidel you are so so wide of the mark with your pointless ramblings.

        To begin with, your speculations are fanciful and as far removed from reality as they could be. All they do is reveal your underlying bias toward anyone who would dare to poke fun at self-important politicians and their hangers on.

        Your ad hominem attacks simply betray the fact that you really don’t have a logical argument to present in response to my observations.

        And how you dare you interpret my comments as an attack on national pride.

        If you knew my history you would not have made such an impudent comment, sir.

      2. Infidel, I think you better reread what Raymond wrote. This is nothing to do with national pride, and everything to with statistism and “entitlement”. The people usually invited to these events are politicians and the self anointed elite, with a scattering of regular folk for window dressing.

        1. That’s it KGS.

          I am all for Independence Day.

          BTW I love the Finnish military marches – not that I love war which I hate, but the soul stirring sounds of a march like “The March of the North Karelian Brigade.”

      3. Finland is not a “tiny nation”, please people change your mantra.

  4. What in the world?! She’s ugly to begin with and then on top of the r e a l l y ugly potato sack, she’s wearing that “concoction” of red stuff on her head!? Can’t she afford a mirror?!

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