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Folks, if not for Europe’s insistence on flooding itself with highly anti-Semitic Muslim immigrants, European Jewry would not be feeling the pinch once again. Leftist morons and their faux conservative lackeys are to blame for the mess, they are to blame for yet another exodus of Jews from Europe. KGS

Frits Bolkestein: Arab tv here in Europe are to blame for fanning the flames of anti-Semitism, so all you Orthodox looking Jews, help alleviate the problem, and go to America and to Israel.

NOTE: What’s one to say about political leaders who are unwilling to tackle the monster that they themselves have creted?

Orthodox Jews should leave Holland because of anti-semitism: Bolkestein

Dutch News nl: Jews should consider leaving the Netherlands and going to America or Israel because of anti semitism, particularly among Dutch Moroccans, former VVD leader Frits Bolkestein told free newspaper De Pers.

Bolkestein said he sees no future in the Netherlands for Jews who stand out, such as orthodox Jews. Arabic tv senders are largely to blame for the anti-Jewish sentiment, the former EU commissioner said.

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    1. I hear ya Sheik, this jack ass’s own neck is soon on th echopping block and he won’t even see the blade coming.

  1. The pogrom against the Jews is working well with the aid of the spinless lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the Dutch government. I ask after the Jews who is next? These liberal fools think that by being soft with the hard core Islamists the problem will go away, not hardly. These veminous Jihadists sense weakness and will be emboldended to perpitrate more acts of violence on all Infidels. When these dirtbags go out looking to commit violent acts If they can’t find any Jews a clergyman, a nun, an old person or any Infidel will do. The police and the political class will again try to pass this anti Infidel violence with the usual BS statements as ‘unusual’ or ‘random’ somthing out of the ordianary in our peaceful country. When will the people of the Netherlands say” we have had it” and demand a stop to the street thuggery by the Islamists, or due to a lack of government intervention handle the situation themselves

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