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When the Baron mentioned to me that he had an exchange with, Adam Keller, an Israeli married to a Dutch woman, who was there at the Wilders speaking event protesting against the Dutch politician, the Tundra Tabloids knew it would be a grand opportunity to see an exchange of ideas in the public market square. Here is the exchange, in part, with a link to the rest of it at the Gates of Vienna.

It’s great to get a Leftist to open up his mouth and to listen to the words rather then to have them screamed at you, which is usually the case. Those who fear the at their ideas will fail to stand the test of free and fair exchanges, usually resort to bad mouthing and brow beating the opponent in hope of discouraging any continuance of the exchange. Remember, for the Left, it’s all about furthering one’s own goals, not about seeking truth through the debating your and your opponents points of view. KGS

NOTE: Leftists like Keller rest their hopes upon the fiction that Islam (as is) will one day accept Jews with open arms, and that Israel will be seen as an equal among the region’s nations. It’s in fact one of the main pillars of faith in Zionism. The problem is that it rests upon the fiction that Jews have always lived peacefully within Islamic majority states.

Therein lies the rub. Much of what we know today about Islamic and Jewish relations reduces such thinking, to that of, wishful thinking. Keller truly believes that present day Islam is just in a passing phase, and that given time, it will one day return to the wonderful relations  of yore, when Muslims and Jews enjoyed peaceful bliss from time immemorial, up until the advent of the late 1800’s.

Achieving a lasting peace must be based upon reality, present day reality, as well as upon a lucid understanding of just what kind of relations did in fact exist between Muslim and Jews during the 1400 years before the entrance of modern day Zionism.

Seeing that the Koran, Hadiths and the Sunna are pregnant with anti-Semitic motifs, with Islamic ‘scholars’ around the globe mouthing the most foul anti-Semitic diatribes and proving their validity from Islamic texts,  prudent thinking would dictate that the Arab Muslims are no where near accepting a Jewish state to be on equal terms with its Arab-Muslim neighbors.

That is the reason for Geert Wilders and others, (myself included) to conclude that the interests of both, the Arabs and the Jews, would be better served if they were allowed to develop their own societies separately, and in peace. Having Jordan, already a 70% Palestinian state, to take in their Muslim Arab brethren as did the Israelis for the +800 000 Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab/Muslim lands after 1948, is the only fair, and prudent strategy to take.  KGS

Is Opposition to Islam a Sign of Racism?

Mr. Keller is an Israeli peace activist. As you may recall, he said that he is the person who wrote the Hebrew text of the middle protest sign in the above photo. He is new to our blog, and may not be aware of our free-speech policies. We encourage a free exchange of opinions and debate on all topics, but within the limits of decorum and civility, as described in the four rules that are clearly posted at the top of the comment window. His incivility, by departing from those rules, derailed a comment thread that might otherwise have been productive.

Basic civility is an absolute prerequisite for any meaningful exchange of ideas. No one’s mind is changed by being called names or having his intelligence or moral character questioned.

Mr. Keller just sent us an email. Since it is more reasonably worded than his comment, I’m posting it below along with a brief response

I invite our readers to add their own views — in a civil manner:

It is now morning in Israel and I woke up to see the many reactions to my post which accumulated during the night. Since you closed the thread, I am unable to respond to the direct challenge made to me, and I would like to ask you to post the following:

I and my friends in the Israeli peace movement are certainly opposed to racism in whatever form and from whatever origin it comes. Racism is a phenomenon which certainly exists within any human society and must be opposed. We strongly object to assertion that Islam as such is racist, that all Muslims are by definition racists, and that one should oppose Islam as such and engage in a head-on confrontation with all Muslims as if they were a single homogeneous mass. This attitude is in our view itself racist and highly dangerous, and is all too uncomfortably reminiscent of the attitude to Jews which was prevalent in Europe during the 1930’s and which directly led to the worst genocide in human history……………

Adam Keller
Spokesperson of Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc
Read the rest here:

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