After ten years of marriage and five children, a husband couldn’t even identify his dead wife. This has everything to do with Islam incorporating ancient patriarchal customs and then reinforcing them through its own misogynist doctrines. KGS

Who was the woman killed?

Husband has not seen wife’s face despite 10 years of marriage

Emirates 24/7: After nearly 10 years of marriage that produced five children, Mufleh Mohammed of Saudi Arabia still has not seen his wife’s face.

Mohammed Hilal, another Saudi husband, could not identify his wife who was killed in a road crash until her veil was put back on her face.

Mufleh and Mohammed are among many Saudi men who have never seen the face of their wives as they insist on sticking to ancient tradition of keeping their face covered even in front of their relatives or husbands in defiance of ongoing changes brought about by the advent of oil and a massive foreign influx.

In a report on such habits, the Saudi Arabic language daily Alhayat said many women in the conservative Gulf Kingdom that controls nearly a quarter of the world’s oil still defy the winds of change and stick to their ancestors’ traditions.

Even after they get married, they never remove their burqu (face veil), leaving their husbands guessing how they look like. Mufleh is one of those husbands.

“My wife still keeps her face covered all the time even in front of her family and relatives because she has been accustomed to this since she was a child…I have to respect her wishes and not insist on seeing her face,” he said.

“I cannot deny that the woman’s habit to cover her face in front of her family and inside her house is a tradition that my tribe had inherited from our ancestors…but I have thought that social changes and openness will alter some of these habits since they have nothing to do with Islam…but they have not changed…although I have been married to my wife for nearly 10 years and have five children from her, I have not seen her face even once in my life.”

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  1. Surely all these guys can do students of psychiatry a favor by donating themselves to a mental asylum. These are rare specimen whose brains have to be studied

  2. These practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’ make me laugh, they have no trouble with treating their women like cattle and chattel, even to the extent of reading ‘wife beating’ manuals published by some 7th thinking Imams, however some of them are not man enough to see the face of their wives. These is little hope for people enslaved into that type of thinking.

    1. Hi Frank. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region states can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.

    2. Frank, re-read the item; it was not the husband’s choice, but the wife’s. He had hoped that “social changes and openness” would change the ancient tribal tradition in which the wife was raised; but SHE chose to continue in it. Yes, Islam brutally denigrates and dehumanizes women – unfortunately, all too often the women SUPPORT this sort of treatment. How can you help these woman when they are determined to be their own worst enemies?

      1. Lot of them choose to wear the veil to hide the bruises, and some are just too ugly and hairy, thus the veil is a good hiding place.

  3. This news is almost as bad as the ones coming from the UK.

  4. I can see that, in a way. It takes a certain amount of jam to stick your mug out into the world, when you think about it, especially if you’re not exactly Brangelina. Also, it’s kind of hard to say, “I didn’t do it”, when they’ve had a good look at your face. The veil would give you twenty-four-hour anonymity. What if that woman was being treated like a “9” when, in fact, she was only a 4.5? She could be really insecure about that. This woman probably didn’t actually know how to show her face, to deal with all the stuff that goes with that. Hell, maybe the Arabs are right, maybe God is a total idiot and made a great big mistake when he gave Arab women faces – maybe they should have butts up there, or elbows or feet. I don’t really care, actually, except in as much as I don’t want to see, even the tiniest part of this ignorant, disgusting madness, coming anywhere near the civilized world.

  5. What with the face veil and FGM, I don’t know what could be in it for men to be married to a wooden woman?
    For certain, there is nothing in marriage for a women under these circumstances as even the children would not belong to her.

  6. Wat a joke… U people making comments on something u just read without even for once thinking., Is this really true.. U people make me laugh.. How the fuck can some1 be married to some1 for 10 yrs have children and not see her face.. It’s fucking impossibe.. Yet u all decided to believe this crock of shit… Clowns and racist islamaphobic fools…

    1. It was from a Saudi News source The Daily Alhayat. Your beef is with them, not me. If there is any clowns and racists, its those who belong to the supremacist buffoonish ideology of Islam.

  7. This is easily one of the WORST MOTHERFUCKING THINGs I have ever heard! There is NO SUCH THING as men NEVER having seen their wive’s faces! What fuckingbullshit. There is NOTHING to back this up. If the man failed to identify his wife, it’s probably because he is senile,and has no fking clue who HE IS! Never mind her!
    But i spose if it’s on the internet, then (Say it with me now) ‘IT MUST BE TRUE!’
    it seems absurd to me that we point fingers at these societies (muslim, arab, saudi, middle eastern, MANY OTHERS) and call them ignorent and closed-minded, when we, ourselves do NOTHING to actually understand or EVEN factuate this crap we hear/read whatever. We just nod or heads, laugh and agree blindly.

    Clearly our western society is that of such excellence and maturity!
    we suck.

    1. It came from an Arab news organization that interviewed the men who stated that it’s true, as well as other evidence by which they know the phenomena is prevalent in that society. Just the other day the al-Shabab demanded all women to cover up even at home or face punishment. Just what don’t you get about the Islamic culture? They’re capable of all kinds of fundamental violations of human rights and rational thinking.

  8. Have you thought of it; perhaps the woman were very young when she was “given” to this man. In her eyes the husband were the horror in her life and she wanted to hide her face and all her body in the hope she could be invisible in this evil world.

  9. Women wear veils because they love God. A concept which cannot be understood by zionist as they love themselves and hates everybody.

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