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The Tundra Tabloids applauds Canadian Leftist, Terry Glavin, for his disparaging the support the traditional Left  gives to the Hezbollah, Hamas and the Taliban.  Where the Tundra Tabloids disagrees with him however, is his insistence that these groups are from the far-Right, when in fact it’s his own socialist cousins coming back to haunt the world in different clothing.

Both National Socialism and Fascism hail from the Left, owing much to Karl Marx’s failed socialist theories. It’s nice that he takes on the Left, but if Glavin were really to spot what’s in question, he’d be leaving socialist/Leftism altogether and become a conservative who believes in limited government and true free market capitalism. KGS



Why Are Rich White “Left-Wingers” Megaphones For The Third-World Far Right?

For some long while, what was once a merely subtle pattern has been a thing so predictable you can set your watch by it. In Afghanistan, the “troops out” and “talk to the Taliban” slogans emerged on the crypto-fascist and Islamist far-right. In Canada, these slogans became the default position of the “left,” up to and including the official position of the New Democratic Party. On the Israel-Palestine question, the politics counselled by Hamas and Hezbollah – the politics of the Islamist far-right – now form the basis of “left-wing” activism (most recently, see “Fascists on Campus”, for example).

The pattern repeats itself today in The Guardian, which everyone in the English-speaking world is expected to apprehend as a clarion of proper left-wing analysis. Simon Tisdall writes: “Pakistan was already under the American hammer before the WikiLeaks crisis blew. But leaked US diplomatic cables published by the Guardian show the extraordinary extent to which Pakistan is in danger of becoming a mere satrapy of imperial Washington. The US assault on Pakistani sovereignty, which is how these developments are widely viewed in the country, is multipronged. . .”

Well, no, not unless “widely viewed” is meant as a euphemism for the Guardian view – the “left-wing” view of rich white people, which now precisely echoes and accurately reflects the lumpen view incited by right-wing Pakistani chauvinists.

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