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This happened some time ago in the Netherlands, I believe back in Jan.2010, but the scene is worth revisiting time and again. It shows just how intolerant a society can become through the mass immigration of Jew hating Muslims. Finland is the exact opposite example of the Dutch phenomenon, where anti-Israel protests draw only handfuls of people, and people who are of opposing views remain unmolested.

No one could ever imagine a pro-Israel march -the size of what happens in Finland with regularity- happening in Amsterdam, the police and militia would have to be called out to protect them. The fact remains, that the demographics of Muslims living in any society corresponds with the level of anti-Semitism. It’s a fact. KGS

VLAD: Here is the logical conclusion of multiculturalism. If you let in everyone and give all peoples value sets an equal weight, then the most numerous and least tolerant among us will dominate. This is a no brainer. In fact it is embarrassing to actually type this out, as if anyone alive wasn’t able to reason this out. But 2 generations now or more of politically correct, leftist indoctrination has made this obvious truth a heretical act to say out loud.

The next logical consequence in what people commonly think of as a democracy, as since the death of civics classes in schools people imagine that democracy is simply a system where idiots vote on things (and not any of the fundamental things like institutions and rules that make a nation a democratic one) politicians are going to have to set policy not based on what is true, not based on what is just or even what is good for the continuance of liberal democracy, but will have to degrade into mob rule and the thin pretence of democracy.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Here in Holland anti-semitism is rising. It usually comes from the muslims and the extreme leftists. They just go hand in hand together. This is not the only so called protest that turned violent. It’s very alarming!

    By the way, I like your blog, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you POTB, I’m glad to see signs of sanity in the Netherlands, you’re not alone there, it just takes time to get the rest of your good people to smell the coffee, wake up and say no to Islamization. You have a good man in Geert Wikders and his party.

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