Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang


Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, they’re back

Thanks to Vlad for finding this. Most will remember the British couple who were taken to court by a woman convert to Islam (and those in her mosque that put her up to it) over words exchanged in a discussion over religion. The increasingly totalitarian British state took the hapless couple to court over their supposed giving of “offense” to this Muslim woman.

They were later vindicated in a court trial, but the damage had been done, one of the major contributers to their bread & breakfast stopped referring clients to their establishment. Such the lesson learned by the non-Muslim society in Liverpool was:

If you want to get by in life with Muslims in the vicinity, don’t ever, ever run afoul with any of their members, they’ll take you to court for giving offense to Islam.

Most noticeably absent from those supporting this badly maligned and targeted Christian couple, were any members from the Muslim community in Liverpool, saying that they deeply regretted that one of their members were taking the couple to the cleaners for having a discussion where they voiced their opposing views. Nope, nada, nothing.

We are lead to believe that the “moderates” out there comprise the overwhelming majority of any given Muslim community, and that that’s the group we should be aiming for, in our message of “social cohesion” and outreach. We’re told not to offend Islam, there are so many of these “moderate Muslims” that we risk alienating them if we call a spade a spade.

Yeah…. right. KGS

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