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These ‘vandals’ are (forcibly) getting Muslims to do something that they would never agree to do willingly themselves, the removal of offensive verses from the Koran! At last, REMOVAL of offensive verses, but unfortunately it’s only from the front door of their mosque. KGS

NOTE: The latest Koranic verse to be removed by the Muslims: (Quran 5:51-52)

“O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as your friends and protectors, they are friends of each other. And whoever makes them a friend then he is from amongst them. Verily God does not guide the unjust people. And you will see that those (Muslims) in whose hearts is a disease run towards them saying ‘We fear that a calamity may befall us.’ So God will soon bring victory or a decision from Him, causing them regret on account of the thoughts they harbored in their hearts.”

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President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy said that the organisation did not support accepting “any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine. We should fear that we might have to face the wrath of God.”

Fauzy explained that the Islamic Foundation does not recognise Israel as a state as “they have stolen the lands of Palestine by power and force,” adding that “it also against our religion to have relationships with Jews.”

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Montreal: Vandals hit mosque for fourth time

A small mosque in the West Island has been covered in spray paint for the fourth time in a year. This time the doors of Dorval Mosque were sprayed with graffiti that read “Koran 551,” a reference to a controversial passage in the Koran.

Mazar Khan, who attends the mosque, says the repeated targeting by vandals is difficult.

“It’s hurtful. It’s damaging to the sentiments of the people who attend the mosque, and also damaging to normal human beings,” said Khan.

In may, Federal Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney had strong words for the vandals when he visited the mosque.

“To come and violate their mosque, their place of worship is totally unacceptable and it’s un-Canadian. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves,” said Kenney on May 29.

Spray painting Koran verses

Each time the vandals have hit the mosque, they refer to a different verse in the Koran.
The verse mentioned in this attack suggests that Muslims should not have relations with Jews or Christians, but Mosque president Mehmet Deger says the verse is being taken out of its historical context.

“They are trying to take us back 1500 years ago, these people. We do not agree with them. We have very peaceful relations with Jews and Christians,” said Deger.


NOTE: They usually have great relations only up until the time that they can challenge the host population in numbers… then the mask comes off.

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  1. Taken out of context LMAO!!!
    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,” Council of American Islamic
    Relations (CAIR) founder Omar Ahmad

    “The difference between an extremist and a moderate is that the extremist is the one with the death threat and the moderate is the one who explains what youve done to deserve it.”

    1. I agree…..Muslim extremists want to kill you today, and moderate muslims want to kill you tomorrow.

    2. So the Koran is NOT the everlasting word of Allah after all: jusdt what he thoguht 1500 years ago!!!!


  2. There is no context in the quran if you know how the quran was compiled. The quran confines all muslim to live in Mohaammed’s hatred of 632. Muslims are in no way in peace with Jews & Christians. The quran has taught them to lie to all non-muslims.

    Don’t befriend with non-muslims, but you can pretend to be friends with them for Allah’s cause. (Quran 3:28)

  3. It’s good to see, that there’s some clear-minded people in my own country. And Kenney should read that verse, before commenting. That’s not un-Canadian. Un-Canadian is to let these people into our country.

  4. Re. 5:51 – 52 and the remarks made by Federal Multicultural Minister J. Kenny I think that both the verse and Kenny are equally dispicable. He’s right though…it is “un-Canadian” to get a message across in a manner that only the Islamic culture understands, by printing it on their place of JIHAD er excuse me worship, a REAL and TRUE CANADIAN sucks up everything that a socialist bunch of freaks throws at him/her and shuts his/her mouth regardless if it does mean further erosion of what’s left of our once great TRADITIONAL CULTURE of indigionous and European people.
    Canadians are so apathetically aligned with their denial that most people aren’t aware of the fact that we’ve all but lost what was once one of the best countries on earth.
    Canada literally went to hell when the Liberals under Pierre Elliot Trudeau took control…he is the Treasonist that implemented multi-culturalism and socialism (communism), the fact that he was very close to Castro says it all.
    Multi-culturalism is a euphamism for “vote buying”. Bring in 3rd world refugees, radically destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism as so the refugees can live well enough to vote for the party that feeds them (at our expence) thus keeping that party in power.
    The only good liberal is one that is locked in a room…with no windows.
    One point of interest…Trudeau admitted that he nothing about economics which explains why Canada is in the socialist mess that it’s in. His implementing of socialism is proof that he was ignorant about not only economics but also basic human rights. Just look at how many millions of people died and suffered under socialist/commuist rule… Now our STUPID LIBERALS and NDP(New Desperate Proletariate) want to cave into the cry for Sharia Law. I say no bourkas no turbins, no ceremonial daggers, no halal and no Sharia. It’s time for to inform the world that if you want to adopt Western Culture by immigrating to Canada then you leave your 3rd world bad habits in the country you’re fleeing from because we do not want them over here…we have one hell of a mess to straighten out and we don’t need any hinderence.

    Dave Selvers
    Sault Ste. Marie Canada
    Liberate Free Enterprise…Kill Socialism…the world will love you for it.

    1. Hear hear! Dave, you make solid arguments. The TT has said for years that socialism is the culprit here, it has arranged and allowed this destructive multicultural enterprise to be purposefully foisted upon our necks, they are the traitors of our times, and their faux conservative lackeys who stood by watching as it all happened.

  5. “Mosque president Mehmet Deger says the verse is being taken out of its historical context.”

    If Quran 5:51-52 are just historical context, then there will be peace in the Middle East. Ahmadinejad and muslim clerics won’t call for the annihilation of Israel. The 9/11 won’t happen and “devout” muslim won’t kill infidels to glorify Allah and claim their rewards of 72 virigns.

    1. Well said Arena. This Imam knows exactly what the context is, an open ended call of war against the infidel until they are subjugated to the will of Islam. Seeing that Imams like himself would never have the balls to challenge that, he chooses obfuscation.

    1. I agree with Vlad Tepes, what would be more useful, is to set up a cookie stand nearby and have a large billboard with the same hurtful, hate filled verses displayed, then pass out literature.

  6. yeah but KGS, then the cookie stand would be bombed to bits by “extremists” and the Liberals would whine about how they deserved to be bombed because it was “offensive” and “intolerant”…

    Won’t the Liberals be lovin’ it when mobs of “extremists” roam our streets and beat/harass/kill kafir here in the West in broad daylight? Liberals and homosexuals will be the first and largest targets…

    1. I hear you Michelle, this is of course something that can only be done in a civil environment, and besides, I can’t advocate deliberate destruction of private property. So the next best thing is open defiance.

  7. If it sounds horrible when taken “out of” context it sounds really criminal and disgusting when it is put “in” its proper context of the life and crimes of Mohammed. Can the mosque president tell us what context it should be put so that it does not sound like Satan’s ranting and raving? What happened before the verse was revealed by the Creator of the world? Why did the Creator of the world need to tell Mohammed Surah 5 verse 51? What is the proper context of the verse? I will tell you, because no honest Muslim can tell you. The context is the first organised crime syndicate in the world to disguise itself as a religion so it could launch a bid for political power. The true background is that a greedy selfish man wanted lots of women and lots of money and lots of respect so he said God sent him personal messages through an Archangel telling him how the rest of the world should give him lots of women and lots of money and lots of respect. Then he set about killing enough people so all the others stopped resisting him. That is why he called his religion “Submission” because that is what he wanted from everyone. And he is getting submission today from cowards and liars all over the world. Canada’s Federal Multicultural Minister should be suspended until he has read the Quran, the main Hadiths, and the biography of Muhammed. It would help the child grow up. Today he is intent on betraying the democracy his fathers fought for. He wants Canada to become a totalitarian state. Stupid ignorant fool.

  8. Well chaps, I am in the UK and we are over run with Muslims and their laws..we even have Sharia law here, and they are asking for it to “try” non muslims as well, and it looks like they will get the wish and non muslims will be brought before sharia tribunals. All (YES ALL) our supermarkets but a few sell onlt Halal meat, our children in school, hospitals and high street cafes, KfC, Asda….all of them sell Halal food, and we have no choice than to eat it or starve.
    Some of our kids have to learn Arabic, and learn about Islam, but they do not have to learn about Christianity…. We tried to fight multiculturalism but believing the conservatives before the election who promised to “Dum Multiculturalism” and “Sahria Courts” but they lied…….and now accost us for “Deliberately misunderstanding Islam”…… we are at a loss in the UK…..we have been invaded, and feel as if we are doomed. They have even agreed a law that the Organisation of Islamic Conference asked them to install, and it is to send to jail anyone who tried to discus or criticise Islam in public……. we even have a law now that says if one person is in a private conversation with another, and something is said about Islam, then if the second person tells ANOTHER person, the Last person to hear it can SUE personally the person who said the original comment. In other words if I tell a guy Islams shit, and he goes and said “Kafur says Islams shit” to someone, that person can sue me without proof.
    They have tied us all up….God help us all, dont let Cananda get stuck like this.. (I cant be sued for this cos theses no proof its me here)

  9. Thank God some Canadians seem to “get it. Please don’t let muslims take over Canada

  10. Historical context? What kind of stupid excuse is that?

    If you ask a muslim if the koran is the word god, eternal, applicable to all mankind, for all time, and for all places, he will most likley say “yes”.

    That means historical context has no bearing. It’s supposed to be eternal. Or is the KKKoran nothing more thaan a bloody history book (it is bloody!!!)? So that Mr. Khan is just another lying muslim.

    What most of us don’t realize about the koran is that understsanding that stupid filthy book is really no trick at all. The Koran is not in chronological order. All we have to know are the latter Medina verses, which are all extremely violent, intolerant, mysoginist, and ugly. The more peaceful Mecca verses, and even some of the early Medina verses are abrogated.

    So if, as that lying SOB Khan says, that it’s taken out of historical context, then all Mr. Khan has to do is show us a verse that comes later in the KKKoran (not by sura number……….but rather CHRONOLOGICALLY) that abrogates the content of the verse mentioned in the grafitti. He won’t, because he can’t, because there isn’t one. There are some earlier ones, but that doesn’t matter. If two verses contradict each other, the one that comes later CHRONOLOGICALLY is the one that carries the day.

    As far as that shithead Mr. Kenney, he should realize that what is UnCanadian is to tolerate hate literature like the KKKoran.

    May allah burn in hell.

  11. For the first time in my life I completely agree with vandalism. This “vandalism” is a truth and if the mosque full of moderates had any heart at all they would be marching down Montreal’s main streets protesting the cruel afflictions their brethren are inflicting on Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other assorted infidels.
    But they don’t.
    They let the “Islamic Idealists” burn, rape, and murder in their allah’s name. Not a peep from the so called “moderates”.
    Zilch, zero, nadda, nothing!

    1. Vandalizing property really isn’t the way, standing in great numbers picketing outside their establishment… is. But is indeed an ironic twist.

  12. “Federal Multiculturalism Minister”

    That phrase alone almost seems like the Canadian government wants a rise of extremism in their country.

  13. Umm…. Folks, why assume the vandalism/graffiti was written by an unbeliever? It could easily be a warning sent by the Hard Left of the Mosque. My grandfather had a similar experience in 1948. After hiring black truck drivers (despite being a young, ordinary white cracker), the KKK sent him a message. The KKK (yeah, the real one) sugared his truck’s gas tanks, slashed his tires, and left a message painted on his building. (Likely I could get arrested in Canada for repeating it.) Don’t assume someone in your own community committed the attack.

  14. that versus 5.5 shows us all that it is from God, Christians and Jews should be enemies, cause the Jews Murdered,tortured,and humiliated the “Christians god”, also in their holiest of books the Talmud the Jews call the Christians gods “mother” a whore and that her son the “Christians god” is boiling in a pot of seamen in hell, and so much more.
    the Muslims on the other hand say the best things about Jesus(asw) and his mother, they respect him and fallow in his footsteps fasting, praying, fallowing the commandment, etc more then the so called Christians priests.

    but you see the Christians are Jealous of the Muslims (cause you can never be like us cause only God(swt) guides whom he please )and the Jews hate the Muslims, so the side up together even if they hate each other, also the pagans and the Hindus, atheist, and satanists, sodomites, etc will join together against Muslims, all holding hands except the Muslims would never side with anyone.
    cause the Truth always stands alone., does not compromise or try to please man before God(swt).

    as you are united in this life so will you be in the next in hell

    1. First of, Ramon, it is spelled verses. Your belief in pedophile Muhammad’s cult shows how weak minded you are. This article here, helps explain why so many muslims share your weakmindedness – – Christians jealous of muslims? Please! Islam has contributed NOTHING of value to the world in the last 500 years. The internet? Invented by kuffar. Telephones? Kuffar. The automobile? Kuffar. The airplane? Kuffar. Muslims have only taken those devices and used them as instruments of jihad, as islam is the cult of ignorance and stupidity.

      1. Technology serves man helps man the animal, does not change his nature. you still wipe your ass with paper don’t you KAL. Muslim bath 5 times a day this our invention to you.

        God(swt) said to the world:
        “Serve the one who serves Me and tire the one who serves you “.Muslim countries are islands floating on oil, we can buy and sell you and anything you slave and work like a dog to produce, we even have you drilling it for us.
        when the clouds pass from our lands we tell them rain were ever you please but your goods will come to us. we have left all materials things behind to live in the desert with our shroud wrapped around us cause nothing in this world is more worthy then the worship of God(swt).
        And the Prophet (asw) is raised and exalted by God(swt) his name is praised by billions from all corners of the earth day and night, to spit on him is as if you try to spit on the sun. Muslims are commanded to find a mistakes to disprove the holy Quran and the prophets message and we have the high moral ground to judge not you who are born of impure(not virgins when they get married {with experience} ) women, and have no honor or jealousy concerning your sisters, mothers, or wives.
        ignorance and stupidity is your religions. Islam is the only religion accepted by God(swt) and has destroyed all your filthy believes.

      2. Islam is the cult of ignorance. Any sect of people that thinks you’re going to smarten up women by stoning them is about as dumb as the donkey they’re riding…just kidding just kidding…but really folks we as a global community have a very big problem with Islam. Regardless of how ignorant and backwards they are they outnumber the West just by the shear fact that they out breed us; add that to the fact they’ll impregnate girls (not women) as young as 7years of age and voila…a depraved society with no moralls and their finger on the trigger at all times. As it appears, the only reason for breeding is to “manufacture” suicide bombers.

        Dave…a peace loving Canadian.
        Liberate Free Enterprise…Kill Socialism

    2. Your scholarship is miserable, “ramon”.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We know what 5:51 says. Show us that you know where these other passages come from. Oh? You don’t know where? Your Imama told you?

      Well then, have a nice day with your cult buddies. >Plonk<

  15. Spray paint? I would have collected my own poo for a week and smeared it on with that.

  16. “They are trying to take us back 1500 years”…good one! Does he mean we are more backward even than Muslims, who only want to take us back 1400 years?
    Well, no shame in that. Let’s go back 1500 years, and then when Mohammed turns up with his band of criminals, fight harder!

  17. Well done everybody…these comments are all first rate.
    Just to ask a question. Has anyone ever had a Mooslim in their neighbourhood going door to door proselytizing like the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons have done in the past?
    This has happened in Midland Ontario within the last month!
    He was polite but sheepish and just handed out a colour pamphlet with a
    “No To Terrorism” red circle with the diagonal line through it. It was printed in Toronto, I think.
    I couldn’t believe it, but it happened.

    People all over the west are starting to wake up to the very real and terrifying fact that these Mooslim’s are quickly becoming a force to be reconded with.
    The big joke is that the Islamic Enablers keep telling everyone that it is a “religion” that has been “high-jacked” by a few radicals…what a crock of shit!
    If that was really true, the majority of the “moderates” could crush them like a grape and purge the organization of this cancer. However, like that great quote Larry wrote in the first post about the extremists and the moderates, that sums it up perfectly.

    Keep your eyes and ears open and watch these birds like your life depended on it, because I think our lives do.
    The collective ass-holes that run our government is another story. These guys are pathetic, but what choices do we have? YIKES!

  18. Islam’s hit list:

    1. Jews
    2. Christians
    3. Hindus
    4. Budhhists
    5. All other religions other than Islam

    Don’t be fooled. Mr. Allah & Mr. Mohammed want to take over this planet, using the violence, terror, hate & death that they specifically mention in the Koran. All civilized people of all religions other than Islam should unite & fight against Islam until Earth is rid of the cancer called Islam.

  19. funny thing is, in America if i formed a group that persecuted rape victims, called for the overthrow of our present system of government, executed people because they were gay or jewish or not a believer in the ideology, killed their children for perceived embarrassment of their families…..
    well that would be a hate group. but no, this is the right of the practitioners of the religion of peace, and my pointing this out makes “ME” the intolerant one.
    screw mohammad and the camel he rode in on.
    just my opinion.

  20. Unless they believe all in the koran they are not muslims – muslims believe everything in the koran – the koran is the record of hateful words by a crazy perverted killer and the god monster he made up! Muslims believe in the koran – it is evil and the enemy!

  21. All I want to know from the Government, is. When we allow in just a “little” Sharia law, what is the cut-off point. The hand /foot, or the neck.?

  22. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE TRAPPED WAITING FOR DEATH FROM ISLAM! Fight for your freedom! Join Stand Up America with Dr. Terry Jones! Go to:

    Be strong. Be brave. Because if you don’t stand up it’s your children who will have the price to pay.

  23. All the major religions have a long history of violence and xenophobia.

    Anybody claiming a ghost was ordering him to murder people would be locked up but because some cult leaders wrote it down centuries ago we’re supposed to take it seriously?

    All supernatural belief is mental defect and should be treated as such.

  24. Hello friendly and peace loving Candaians, We are impressed by your idea to kick those backwards people out of your country. Let Europe follow your way, or the civil war is soon here also.

    Islam: “The Official Religion of Terrorism” with support from “Mein Koran”

  25. Islam is death, ALWAYS has been, ALWAYS will be.
    “He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”
    Muhammad, prophet of Islam

    2010.11.29 (Nangarhar, Afghanistan) – Six US soldiers training local police are murdered by a terrorist in uniform.
    2010.11.28 (Bakht, Pakistan) – A woman is killed and a young boy injured when fundamentalists shell a residential neighborhood.
    2010.11.28 (Meshahda, Iraq) – al-Qaeda cadres storm a home and shoot two people to death.
    2010.11.28 (Takhar, Afghanistan) – Holy Warriors take out a market patron with a bicycle bomb.
    2010.11.27 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – At least ten people bleed out following an al-Shabaab mortar attack.
    2010.11.27 (Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan) – A woman is among three civilians murdered when Islamists ambush a passenger vehicle.

  26. May have my facts just a tad off,,, but there is a prophesy in the Bible about the Armageddon,,, and the Anti Christ. There is also a phrase in the Koran, that Jesus will follow behind Mo ham med,,, Seems to me, that I am coming up with a 1 plus 1, and that the Islam is the AntiChrist referred to in Revelations,,,
    Any other ideas?

  27. Ya Ramon you say that Islam’s gift to us (Christian West) is bathing your filthy ass rather than wiping with toilet paper…as we do. First off you and your clan should realize that the water you’re using to bathe with 5 times a day isn’t suppose to go back into your drinking resevoir. And then you come to the West to help you with sewage treatment and water filtration technology. And wasn’t it the Ayatolla of Iran back in the days of the weakest president the U.S. ever had (Jimmy C.) that said it was as a sin to touch one’s self whilst cleansing so he should use a “bone”???? A bone to wipe yourself clean??? I’ve been to many third world countries and in every one of them Islam was making great progress in their quest to influence and the first and foremost problem in those countries is HYGIENE. The female portion of the population particularly has a problem with an “infected belly bottom” (vaginal, anus, sphincter and rectal problems) due to the fact that they do not use TOILET PAPER and wash later.
    Islam contributed nothing but misery Ramon. I still remember the days when doors were opened and hats were tipped for ladies but because of political correctness we can’t find ladies anymore and we almost have to give you sharia law. Regardless of the fact that girls are innocent and women are abundant we as Western Society are not going to STONE our women. When a person emmigrates from his/hers country they are to leave their bad habits at home and adopt Western habits. I got no problem with you or anybody wanting to keep clean but don’t think for one minute that a
    “water squirting hose” pointed at my ass is going to make me join hands in worship with insatiable war dogs hell bent on “driving the Jews into the sea” …and then us.
    Hey Ramon…how many genuflections are required before a 10year old packs a vest full of ball bearings and P.E.T.N. (pantaerythritol tetranitrate) and walks to the market??.
    Ramon…in a round-about way it may sound as though I harbour a disdain for Islam; I do not Ramon.
    I do however want Islam to know that I will not apostatize Christianity nor will I tolerate those who are intolerant and exercise hatred towards any sect of people.
    And I am sick and F_ _K_ng tired of the phrase “taken out of context”…say what you mean and mean what you say ans something that I am about to say and mean is Western Society/Culture is founded on principles of Christianity and that “GOD” not “Allah” is the “Supreme Being”

    Dave Selvers
    Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada
    Liberate Free Enterprise…Kill Socialism.

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