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The Tundra Tabloids blogged a post the other day about the UNHRC’s removal of victimization of gender minorities from a document being ratified at the UN Council. It’s a major dose of wake-up for these same Lefties who march around in street protests with sign that say “Queers for Palestine”.

We in the Counterjihad and pro-Israel circles have been saying for years that Islam does not have their best interests at heart. Now it’s all coming down on their heads, and they’re gobsmacked, they didn’t see it coming, but yet it did. Hopefully now they’ll take what we say much more seriously, seeing that we are the only ones who are reporting on the subject day after day. KGS

NOTE: Great find Vlad ol’buddy.

And to think that Arafat himself was a bit light in the sandal.

What would Arafat say?!

Arafat from hell: And I thought that the UN was on my side!

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