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This is bound to set back the women’s rights movement in Saudi Arabia with rounds of “I told you so!” filling the desert camps scattered around the medieval state. KGS

The Saudi Noose

Ahh, the ways of Allah are just

Saudi woman defying driving ban dies in car accident along with 3 others

SunSentinel: RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A Saudi police official says a young woman in her twenties defying a driving ban in the capital died along with three female friends when her car overturned.

Maj. Fawaz al-Mouman said Sunday that the woman was driving her four wheel drive vehicle carrying 10 of her female friends on Saturday night in an open area often used by young men in car races.

The vehicle overturned and killed four of passengers including the driver, while the remaining six others were taken to a nearby hospital in northeastern Riyadh to treat their injuries.

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation (TT: traditional interpretation) of Islam. Sexes are segregated in schools and public places. Women are not allowed to drive or vote.

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  1. Well that would be a funny sight. 10 bodybag Muslimas zooming around racing their SUV. Inshallah, Allah did not like, and smited them!

  2. None of these women were ever allowed to take driving lessons. Maybe that’s the problem?

  3. So banning women from driving is a bad idea…….why?

    1. Noting the sarcasm. You know why this is important, I don’t need to spell it out.

    2. Because women are actually better drivers than men. They are likely to follow the traffic rules while men tend to take more chances and overestimate their skill. Muslim men do not respect the laws in our countries much less the traffic laws.

      Men 18-25 have the highest accident and fatality rates of any group
      followed closely by older people over 80. Men tend to equalize towards women if they are married.

      What drivers don’t know.

      Speed limits are set by reaction time against the road visibility design.
      American Interstates have a design limit of 70mph (112km/hr) 65 mph is poted max allow for 5mph over. This is so because your chances of dying in a collision are twice that of lower speed segment of 80-120km/hr, 80% versus 40%.

      Even though Interstates carry 80% of intercity vehicle traffic; 80% of road fatalities occur on 2 lane rural highways, 15% on interstates, 5% divided between in cities and on 4 lane rural federal and state highways.

      A two lane rural highway should not have a speed limit greater than 45mph if it does not have paved shoulders for escape.

      Most people (mostly men) think they are better drivers than they actually are.

      And for God’s sake. I don’t have ESP; use your FV$king turn signals for lane changes, exiting and entering highways and of course TURNS!!!

  4. Until Muslim women stand up and say ” no more” will this continue. Anyway serves Saudi males right.4 less Muslimas to breed from and make little jihadis.

  5. NO mail muslim should be allowed to:
    Drive a car
    Handle family economy
    Attend school/university
    Be a police or Imam
    Be manager of any-sized public or private company
    Have sex with female, wife, kids, donkey, horse, dog etc.
    Travel outside of a Islamic country
    Listen to radio/TV

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