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It’s a complicated world folks, and if we are ever going to make any kind of headway against the politically correct, multicultural mindset, (that believes inundating Europe with massive waves of Muslim immigrants as a great strategy for propping up the failing welfare state, as well as turning against their own culture and identity) reflexive ‘knee-jerk’ responses in place of thoughtful rational decision making is not an option.

Here we see a real statist minded rabble of the Neo-Nazi variety, marching against others who are protesting racism, and at first glance, you would think that they are diametrically opposed to each other, having nothing in common whatsoever except the air that they breath. But in fact they have much in common -while the Tundra Tabloids applauds the latter group for the anti-racism stand- they are as statist minded as the Neo-Nazis opposing them. Both groups are socialists, or at least the latter group encompassing ‘socialists and/or statist’ orientated people.

Both groups are a danger to a free society and to people in that society who stand for liberty and are against tyranny, that being tyranny of the state. Both of the groups represented in the article, while one of them is ‘noble’ for standing against racism, wouldn’t flinch or bat an eye in seeing the neck of the individual being placed further under the boot heel of the state.

For them, what matters most is that it’s their statist ideology doing the damage to civil liberties, for you see, when they do it it’s OK. The traditional socialists in Europe, many of which fly their color of red under the banner of the SDP, are now seeing their power and clout diminish, not because socialism isn’t still a big ticket item, (it is) but because the pseudo conservatives have co-opted their party platform. They have been eased out with nothing left to offer.

The pseudo conservatives in Europe have developed over the years a cozy relationship between business, unions and the state, that in part, resembles what Hitler did under the Nazi regime, but Hitler was a heretical Marxist, who most certainly would one day dismantle private ownership of business, he was just using it to fast track his state towards a full socialist one that would rival the USSR.

The pseudo conservatives in Europe pose as much a danger to a free society as the Social Democrats, the traditional hard-Left and their cousins the National Socialists, they all are statist orientated. Even the Sweden Democrats have a statist agenda, but where the others engage in suicidal policies, the nationalist/patriotic SD do not.

So while reading this little article about Neo-Nazis taunting people demonstrating against racism, realize one thing, there is much, much more at play here than meets the eye. Oh and another thing, there were no True Finns mixed up with them either, like the SD in Sweden, the TF (or in Finnish, The Perussuomalaiset) loathe racism as well, as all sound thinking people who love freedom, individual liberty, and loathe tyranny of any sort, should do. KGS

Hecklers Target Anti-Racism Demonstrators in Turku

A group of about 15 hecklers turned out to harangue participants in an anti-racism demonstration at the Turku Market Square Saturday.

The hecklers wore swastikas, brandished Nazi symbols and hurled racist comments at the protesters. Police momentarily held one of the miscreants, but no one was arrested.

Advance online threats against the 100 demonstrators prompted a police presence of scores of officers on the scene. However the online threats did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm of the protesters, who included students, families and seniors. In spite of the hecklers’ taunts, they continued their demonstration peacefully.

Anti-racism week is normally observed during the month of March, but the organisers wanted to take action now because of the current atmosphere in Turku and wider Finland.

“Our city has become anti-immigrant in recent times,” said Teea Jäske. Jäske felt that societal problems are often too easily blamed on immigrants. “It’s populist talk. It’s always easy to blame those in the weakest position,” she declared.

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