Egypt Muslim Brotherhood


Because we all know just how big hearted and interested in true representative government, (you know, defense of minorities etc.) these Muslim brotherhood thugs are, just like their brothers in Gaza called the Hamas. KGS

Mohammed Badie: The freedom to promote tyranny should not be hindered!

NOTE: The dark spot on his Badie’s forehead is called a zebibah (raisin), that’s a sign of a mohammedan who’s spent a lot of time slamming his forehead on the carpet for his allah.

Amnesty Int’l warns Egypt against election harassment

Opposition Muslim Brotherhood says several of its rallies have been disrupted and more than 1,000 of its members have been detained.

CAIRO — The London-based Amnesty International called on Egyptian authorities to refrain from harassing election candidates as hundreds of opposition members have been arrested and their marches dispersed.

The opposition Muslim Brotherhood said Sunday that several of its rallies have been disrupted and more than a thousand of its members have been detained since the banned group announced their intention to contest elections last month.

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NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids couldn’t care less if the Egyptian state busts the heads of these 7th century throwbacks.

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