You can’t make this stuff up. The scimitar is now back in style, when you’re not busy using it to hit the back of the infidel’s neck, you can wear it around your own! KGS

NOTE: It’s another leg removed from the claim that Islam is the religion of peace. It’s the symbol of what the desert warlord used (the scimitar) to conquer the Arabian peninsula, and his blood thirsty followers in the Levant and then throughout the Middle East. Islam drips in blood.

YNET: The tie, which is based on Islamic values, was specially designed in the shape of a sword and decorated Prophet Muhammad’s quotes. The tie’s designer, Hemat Komeili chose the sword which represents the sword of Shiite Imam Ali, Mohammad’s cousin and brother in law, who is considered holy in Iran.

According to the designer, the inventive design received approval from some of Iran’s shiite scholars.

Since Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979, most men stopped wearing ties as it represented the ‘corrupt’ west. In the first days of the revolution it was even claimed that men wearing ties were arrested and according to unofficial reports, had their ties cut off.


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