Egypt Muslim-Christian Relations


The next time someone wants to tell you about how Christians and Jews have it so great living in Muslim states, remember this video. This is not the first time that the Tundra Tabloids has published something on the issue, having posted every video received from Vlad (pbuh) or from Frank Kitman. Truth be told, both have kept a sharp eye on the subject, to which we should all be grateful.

Here is yet another example of the monstrous way the Muslim treats “the other”, and they have the nerve to DEMAND anything from us in the West. Screw em. It’s about time we reciprocate in kind, not because we think its fun or we want to discriminate, but until they finally get the damn message.  You don’t deserve to be treated like everyone else here in the West, until you and your fellow compadres start treating your own citizens like human beings at home.

The method to be used, is to stop all immigration from Muslim lands until they get the damn message, period. “Oh KGS, that sounds so waycist of you, why don’t you be more kind to others”. Too bad, I’m not in the mood to be kind to ingrates, especially ingrates that want to screw up my society.  Deal with it. KGS

H/T Frank Kitman

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  1. We can’t stop all Muslim immigration until we get over our dependence on their oil.

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