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“All this kind of pussyfooting around is done in the name of not offending other people from other faiths. ‘But it tends to be done by white middle-class people with some kind of bizarre guilt complex.”

This recent act of British self imposed political correctness (read= cultural marxism) takes place for the Christian holidays, and how fitting is that, in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus ‘properly’, the Rochdale Council treats all of its citizens like children, Christian, Jew, Muslim and Hindu alike. KGS

NOTE: Such thinking shouldn’t come as a surprise in a welfare state, where the government has taken on the role of parent ages ago, treating the citizenry as children.

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY: Council puts up lights for Hindus and Muslims so they don’t miss out on the festive spirit

Eid and Diwali are being celebrated alongside Christmas in a council-organised display of lights. Although the Muslim and Hindu events have already passed, the lights are being kept up by Rochdale Council in order to ‘represent the community’. Officials are said to be anxious not to offend other faiths so they have ensured the Christmas display incorporates the other celebrations.

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  1. You have to be really secular to think that this formula works. Chanukah is a minor holiday in the Jewish calendar, and it is not “Jewish Christmas”, nor is Diwali “Hindu Christmas”. The hoopla around Chanukah mostly has to do with giving Jewish kids something so they don’t feel left out at gift season. But kids who grow up in religiously observant families have enough holidays not to miss commercialized Christmas–which is what this is all about anyway. Shallow!

    1. You’re exactly right. This is sheer stupidity that treats all communities with contempt.

  2. A large amount of this stupidity comes from the minds of the ‘Bleeding Heart Liberals’ who think the the citizenry in not capable of caring, thinking, or governing themselves.

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