It’s called priorities
Anyways, over at the Lemmikkipalstat.net, a Finnish chat forum to talk about animals, there is an interesting post that shows the level of knowledge about Islam that has made its way into the discourse found in the Finnish blogosphere and chat forums. So much so, that they are giving chapter and verse from Islamic texts to underline and verify their points. Kudos to em all! KGS
NOTE: The thread for the chat read: Off topic: Norwegian organization demands ban on silicone breasts.

What connection does Islam have with honor murders? Who are the descendants of apes and pigs? Abrogation, what does it mean and why are Muslims in the West silent about it in the media? Why should an adulterer be stoned according to sharia and stoning may be substituted with hanging, or hanging with being shot? 

Does a Muslim have the right to live if he does not pray? What is taqiyya? Why is blood revenge  necessary for the Messenger of Allah? Why do Muslims commit rape, an exceptionally high rate in non-Muslim countries? Why are every year, tens of thousands of native Swedes and Dutch forced to flee their homeland and what do Muslims have to do with it?

Allah’s holy law, shari’a, is known as having quite a progressive view in the protection of women and children. In Islam, marriage has no age limit, and Allah allows the girl child to have sexual contact with her husband, already in infancy (!), as long as the girl’s legal guardian has agreed with this and when he does not entail physical injury to the girl. 

It’s legal for the husband’s penis to rub against the legs of the girl (mufa’khathat). The girls get to practice  actual wifely intercourse with their husbands no later than at nine years of age, as Muhammad’s child bride Aisha for example (Bukhari 7:62, 88, Bukhari 7:62:64, 7:62:65 Bukhari, Muslim 8:3310, Bukhari 8: 3310), after which they do not, then, have a right to refuse.

Allah shows in other ways, special thoughtfulness to girls and women, regardless of their religion: charity, he offers useful methods, such as circumcision and covering up to girls and women to preserve their chastity (Qur’an 24:31, Qur’an 33:59), so to not dishonor their family’s honor through premarital sex or by being raped, for who would like to be a whore, which has no sale value?

Side note: Meanwhile, a similar drop in intelligence has been sighted in certain US conservative circles, where short sighted politicians and pundits are screaming about “earmarks”, while the Obama administration (and prior Dem and Repub admins) has foisted unsustainable entitlements programs upon American society, and are continuing to do so. Talk about the need to prioritize! 
For those of you who don’t know, earmarks, is a particular policy or program politicians want to bring home to benefit his or her state. Tthe money involved grossly pales in comparison to the behemoth of the state government entitlements programs, such as, bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the Obamacare health system.

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