Though the Tundra Tabloids has mentioned him on previous occasions, those of you who are still unfamiliar with Hannu Reime, he’s a Finnish radical Leftist journalist who has worked for decades at Finland’s state broadcaster organization, YLE. Hannu Reime can be safely looked upon as being a significant role model for all aspiring radical Leftist-activists wanting to ply their trade in the journalist profession.
The man is very unabashed about his journalist activism, he admitted as much to the Tundra Tabloids some years ago in an email exchange, stating that “being called an activist journalist is too lofty of a title for me to aspire to, but I’m an activist for the Palestinian cause in the same way  I’m one for the people of E.Timor.”
So, the man is a self-admitted activist journalist, with the line between his activism and journalism being seriously blurred, but that has never presented itself as being much of a problem for the Finnish state broadcaster YLE, which still continues to promote his biased, highly flawed columns. It’s truly a sad, but cruel joke. The radical Leftist has  been allowed to demonize the Jewish state (and the US) for years, and all on the Finnish taxpayers’ dime.
Here’s a few excerpts from his latest childish column.

Hannu Reime: “According to terrorism experts dealing with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , they have added a new and serious threat of terrorist attacks several times in Europe and in America. The depiction of Saddam Hussein as a godless, almost Stalinist icon was used to collapse his dictatorship and the subsequent chaos drew armed terrorists in Iraq from all the surrounding countries and from beyond. In Afghanistan, and now also on the Pakistani side, any casualties resulting from air strikes bring potential new recruits to al-Qa’ida. The attacks are often unmanned planes (TT:drones), which are controlled by the computer screen far behind the ocean, in the United States.

[TT: Saddam was a Ba’ath party Fascist-Socialist, which was founded on the same National Socialist ideals of the German Nazi party. German National Socialism had avid followers in the Muslim Arab world, and the feeling was reciprocated, with Adolf Hitler having voiced his own admiration for Islamic beliefs.]

President Bush called 19 Saudis and Egyptian  who changed the hijacked airliners into missiles in the autumn attack in 2001, despicable cowards. What can be said in the light of an unmanned Predator, in which killing is like a computer game?  In terrorism and counter-terrorism operations, there does not seem to be no other difference than the fact that the former who are guilty are “they”, and the latter “we.”

[TT: This kind of childish moralizing is typical of the Left, who typically rush to point out (ambiguously I might add) supposed violations of the Geneva Conventions by US and Israel, but then conveniently fail to mention them, when they know very well that the GC has very clear language in describing what a state may or may not do in war. 
The killing of civilians are never the target, the military aim is. If civilians do get killed, the overall value of the operation has to be seriously weighed against the loss of civilian life. Many operations are indeed called off because of that. In Reime’s limited thinking, any loss of civilian life warrants the label of terrorism.]

The word “terrorism” has anyway long been used only for the violence of non-state actors, such as the Islamist al-Qa’ida, the Basque ETA or the IRA in Northern Ireland’s. This terminological restriction is that terrorism does not include the bombing by the Israeli army in Gaza and Lebanon, nor the Russian military action in Chechnya and China’s security agencies harshness in Xinjiang and Tibet, not to mention the “international community” acts of the leading nations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

[TT: Here Reime is guilty of mixing apples  with oranges. Western states (in which Israel is rightfully included) strictly adhere to international law when planning operations, the Tundra Tabloids seriously doubts that the Communist Chinese, or the authoritarian Russians spend much time if any in doing so. Frankly, the TT doesn’t believe they, the Russians or Chinese, care very much for human or civil rights. Reime’s real beef should be with his ideological buddies in the Kremlin and in Beijing.]

“The war against terrorism” has thus not reduced the threat of terrorism, but rather increased it. It can only be concluded that terrorism can not be considered so serious a matter than the speeches and writings might suggest, what it – needless to say – actually is. Geopolitics is the safety of its citizens above all else. This is rarely discussed in public.

[TT:  So using his logic, the moment an aggressor raises its hand against you, bare your neck and get it over with, the sooner the better. It’s only if a Westerner resists his doom, and in the process kills others, regardless of the intention, he’s no better than the rabble he’s fighting. Oh and for good measure, end the police force carrying of weapons, including batons. Any lethal force that arises from apprehending a violent perp delegitimizes the police force, according to Hannu Reime, their actions only produce more criminals.]

In the beginning I quoted from the Helsingin Sanomat’s editorial, it’s a small example among countless others, that gives good reason to call the prevailing Western ideology. I’ve become increasingly convinced that this time we are going through – the time when capitalism has become a global social system and the  option of state collectivism having collapsed – this time is a lot more ideological than commonly believed.

[TT: This sour puss Marxist comes out of his shell, this is the reason why he has such a problem with the West, his Marxist buddies have lost out in ideological warfare department where capitalism is concerned. Marxists are always unhappy. They are never satisfied, just think of the socialist utopias they have created for themselves throughout Europe, (they’re failing miserably due to the failure of Marxist theory, but still) and still this unrepentant Marxist cries a river.]

In the HS’ short editorial, the “West” appears no fewer than five times as if geopolitical importance attached to the word should be free of problems and the obvious: “West brightened …”, “Western population …” “… the West needs to”, etc. Who are these people and which countries belong to the West? Does Brazil,  lets say belong, which is located to the west of Europe, and Turkey, the gateway to the east, the Orient? 

These two very important and richly populated countries earlier this year negotiated a compromise solution, the dispute between “the West” and Iran, about the Iranian nuclear program. The United States’ welcome of the agreement was met with anything but enthusiasm. By what right, Brazil and Turkey, think they can address the “West”, ie, the U.S. and the accommodative EU, with the dispute with Iran? 

[TT: Here he refuses to mention the obvious, that Brazil, and many parts of S.America have been creating a new divide between themselves and the West (namely the US and by default, Israel), based on a rejection of the Capitalist free market. They would most certainly be classified of belonging to the West (at least ideologically), as well as any other state that accepts the great ideals and values of the West.
Hannu Reime pays homage to that infamous pantheon of failed political thinkers who cling to the view of the “corrupt West” (read capitalist=West) and hope for its eventual downfall. This  leads the TT to view him as not only a dangerous huckster, but a delusional dangerous huckster, and someone to be openly scorned and belittled whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The idea of global division of the “civilized west” and “barbaric East” lives in a very tenacious European tradition. It may be that its roots are very distant in history, perhaps in the Greek city-states Persian wars between the fifth century BC. A modern form of this “West” and “East” explanatory thinking was probably in the 1800s, during the peak years of colonialism, when modern racism was born. With the exception of Palestine, colonialism is history. Racism is officially out of vogue, because not many will longer declare to be a supporter of racial doctrines. Maybe it’s time to reject geography and utterances that rely on ideological mysticism.

The foolishness of the man. Boiling down all the essential oils to his logic, Hannu Reime reveals a mess of soft headed goo. His rejection of the notion of a civilized  West, as well as reading it past “sins” without once mentioning it’s grand achievements that has led to the global understanding of human rights rooted in civilized law, should not go unobserved.
What also shouldn’t go unobserved, is Hannu Reime’s singling out Israel as the last vestige of Western colonialism. The radical Leftist-activist journalist left out mentioning the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan, and the House of Saud. Gee, You’ll have to ask yourselves why he did that? Doing so will unlock the mindset of this jerk. KGS

H/T Harri

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