You can only shake your head in wonder and disgust. If there were any people more in danger in the Middle East, it’s both Christians and Jews, yet the Swedish government turns its back on its fellow religionists (actually Sweden turned its back on Christianity ages ago).  KGS

UNDHIMMI: As we noted back in August, Sweden is deporting Iraqi Christians in a bid to be seen to be doing something about the Muslim immigration and ghettoisation that is causing a deep societal rift in the once-harmonious Scandinavian country. Even after the horror of the recent church massacre, where 58 Christians were killed by Muslim terrorists, it appears this policy is still in effect:

With numerous attacks against Iraq’s Christians in recent weeks — including a Halloween day massacre in a Baghdad church, which left 52 dead — the country’s religious minority fears for its survival within the boundaries of the Middle Eastern nation. Yet, a long way from their native land, many Iraqi Christians are also living in terror in a far more serene place: Stockholm.

Swedish immigration officials have been deporting Iraqi refugees to Baghdad on flights about every three weeks, declaring that some of them have no legitimate claim to political asylum in Sweden. That includes Iraqi Christians — a category that does not automatically imply a risk of persecution, according to Swedish guidelines.

Of the 80,000 or so Iraqi refugees in Sweden, about 6,000 of them are Christian, according to estimates by the Syriac Orthodox Church in Stockholm. Read More

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