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Why there weren’t any Muslims protesting these protestors is for you to decide, only the EDL were there to turn their back on them. Now there are people outside of mosques protesting their silence. Good for them. If that is what it takes to get these Muslim leaders out in the open to denounce this small handful of radical fundamentalists, all the better. KGS

Demonstrators protest U.K. poppy burnings outside mosques

A British imam says he is “deeply hurt” by demonstrations outside two mosques protesting the actions of a Muslim group that disrupted moments of silence during Remembrance Day services and burned models of poppies.

On Friday, a mosque in Portsmouth on the south shore of England, had a poppy painted on the front of the building. On Saturday, protests were held outside two mosques.

“It deeply hurts me,” Muhammed Muhi Uddin told the BBC. “If they [the protesters] talked to us then we would explain where we stand.”

While Uddin said every group has a right to be heard, “it’s a matter of respecting each other.”

He denounced the burning of poppies during Armistice Day ceremonies Thursday.

A group called Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) were behind protests. On Thursday during the two minutes of silence, group members chanted, “British soldiers burn in hell,” and held signs saying, “Islam will dominate” and, “Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell.”

The group also vowed to disrupt Remembrance Sunday events in England.

MAC says it is “breaking the silence,” on its website. In an audio loop, voices chanting, ‘British soldiers, burn in hell” with the toll of a clock in the background is heard when the website is launched.

There are photos of children with the headline, “British soldiers kill one Muslim child every six hours.”

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  1. <"British soldiers kill one Muslim child every six hours."

    If they hate England, Brits and British soldiers SO MUCH, so why on Earth do they prefer to live in England??? Why don't they live in Afghanistan? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Iran?

    BTW: Howcome you have millions of Muslims wanting to come to the West if it is so 'bad' there?

    Howcome I don't see millions of Europeans flocking to Syria, Libya,Yemen, Afghanistan?
    Why not….

  2. Carry on Muslims

    Carry on burning, defiling and desecrating the symbols of the West. All this is being totted up, and eventually the bill will come in.

    It always does.

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