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  1. But… we sure do have Newsweek here. And at least one thing that makes us better than the US is that we advice ignorant idiots not to make fools of themselves at prime time. 🙂

  2. Mr. Miller, you used to be so much funnier in 90's … when they were still showing SNL reruns from 80´s.

  3. Hello Mr. Miller!

    Just for your information. No fjords here (learn your geographics) and yes, we do have Newsweek here.

    We understand that you are a comedian, but but should a comedian act like a moron?? I have lived in US for several years ( not now)and let me tell you Mr. Miller, that even if US is a great country, there is alot of things you really could learn from Europeans.

  4. KGS… How about we teach you how to keep your economy in good health? How about we teach you how to educate all your children, not just few lucky ones who have the money? How about we teach you how to live?

    Face it, your country is not only bankrupt right this moment, right now. But your debt to China keeps going up, you will lose that Triple-A credit very soon too. Better close those borders fast, cause people will want to get out.

    Of course usually in these situations you invade small countries and rob them in process screaming "Yes we can!" but for how long can you? Fact, USA has commited more acts of terrorism than any other nation, race or religion.

  5. Ahhh, now I see. You belong to the special class of Noam Chomsky worshippers who loathe the US. Thanks for clearing that up, the TT now realizes that it's not dealing with a rational thinking mind.

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