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How do the enemy of the Jews satisfy their insatiable urge to spread anti-Semitic lies to the world, engineer a situation that invites an Israeli response, lie about the events and then make a movie about it to help further poison the minds of millions around the world. This is another Jenin, Jenin, a fakery crock of a movie whose sole design was to malign the Jews under the false pretenses of cinema “art”, and the same can be said abut this movie as well.  KGS

NOTE: Oh, and no doubt, it’ll show here in Finland, just wait and see.

NOTE: Oh, by the way, the one eyed Jew, real effective guys, real effective. If you want to know more about the Mavi Marmara, click here for the TT’s extensive reporting on it.

“In one of the highest budget films ever made in Turkey (over 10 millions dollars), “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine,” inspired by the May 31 Mavi Marmara Terror-flotilla ship, will hit theaters in November in about 100 countries around the world.”

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