The UK has a serious problem. Not only is it loosing its unique British identity and country due to mass immigration of Muslims, it’s got a desperate problem with violent jihadis that it can’t divest itself from. In a saner world, if a jihadi’s time in prison was about to expire, and he held a second passport, he would be immediately expelled from the country. The only time he would ever run into another Brit again is by a soldier’s bullet or being blown to smithereens by an air to surface rocket.
Well, we don’t live in a saner world, and the UK can’t jettison these 7th century throwbacks to some undisclosed deserted island in the middle of the pacific (if only French Guinea had Devil’s island working). So the UK has to release them back into the civil population. What’s galling is that the state knows it has no way of being reasonably sure that they will be successful in keeping these rejects from rejoining the jihad. 
Yep, the TT can’t imagine any one of them not getting into contact with their fellow jihadis, and by the way, how is it a comfort to know that these jihadis are restricted to state sanctioned imams only? The state has a miserable record in backing Muslim leaders tied with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and most likely all of them support the stealth jihad, (spreading islam and its sharia) they’re just one more wing of the Islamic juggernaut. KGS
NOTE: Here’s someone who should have a drone following his every move.
Abu Mansha: Can’t wait to get out
and do some stuff….
 Freed Islamic terrorists face new controls as 46 prepare for prison release

Dozens of Islamic terrorists who have finished their prison sentences are so dangerous that a secret list of restrictions has been drawn up to limit their freedom, it has been disclosed.

The curbs have been introduced by ministers who are concerned about the release or impending release of a ‘significant’ number of extremists.

Restrictions are understood to include a ban on using computers, visiting certain mosques, associating with imams who are not approved by the Government and not associating with known criminals.

Ministers will apply the curbs to at least 20 convicted terrorists who have been freed from jail this year as well as 26 eligible for release within the next two years.

One of those recently eligible to be freed is Abu Bakr Mansha, who was jailed for plotting to kill a British soldier.

Probation officers have been given a catalogue of restrictions that can apply to terrorists freed on licence.

The restricted document, has been drafted by the Ministry of Justice and is entitled, The Management of Critical Public Protection Cases and Terrorist or Terrorist Related Offenders.

It states: ‘There is now a small but significant number of terrorists being held in custody or managed on licence.

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