This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are far more instances of rape against minority Christian girls because they’re easy prey. The Koran sets the pace by dehumanizing the non-Muslim: 8.22,8.55,95.5 and 98.6, then it lays the foundation for raping of their females: 3.4,3.24, 23.6,35.50 and 70.30 (allowing sex with slave girls and captured women). Remember folks, the Koran is understood as an open ended directive, and their prophet, is considered the most supreme example of human behavior to emulate. And they do. KGS

13 Year Old Christian Girl Raped by Young Pakistani Muslim

It has been revealed that a 13 year old Christian girl became pregnant after being raped by a young Muslim in Pakistan. This revelation is contained in a statement by Catholic News Service (CNS)

(http://www.catholicnews.com) published on their website adding that Christian girls have become targets for violence in the country.It noted that the Christian community in Pakistan is shocked at the increasing violence and abuse targeted at young Christian girls and that two Christian girls were abducted, raped and murdered by a group of Muslims. “Violent abuse is “part of daily life” in Pakistan. 

There are increasing numbers of violent abuse incidents against Christian and Hindu girls. Christians are targeted because they are considered on a lower social level, and often abductions of young girls involve intent to force marriage and religious conversion or to trap them into prostitution rings,” it said. 

It added that the latest tragic abuse is part of a larger phenomenon of violence against women in Pakistan, which often meets with indifference and impunity. There were 1,198 kidnappings, 352 rapes and 1,052 murders of women in 2009 alone.


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