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A woman “shakes it up” in front of a cultural symbol found in 
many Swedish homes, or should I say used to be found.
This anti-Swedish video happens to be one of the more poignant reminders of just how far the state of Sweden has fallen in its long history, after the socialists got ahold of it for over 40 some years. The denigration of its own culture, the stripping and jettisoning of its own national identity, coupled with the purposeful, massive influx of muslim/immigrants that is radically changing the demographics of Sweden to a point of no return, has been the stated policy of successive socialist governments, and not too much has changed since the “conservatives” have come into power.

The Tundra Tabloids suggests to those who might be offended by scenes of copulation and gyration to skip watching the video, but to the more thick skinned, watch this video that Kitman kindly captured and youtubed. It’s a still-shot moment in Swedish history symbolizing the policies of the traitorous self anointed elites having another go at Western civilization, piece by piece. KGS

NOTE: Tell the Tundra Tabloids what you think, as an indigenous group, don’t the Sweden Democrats have a right to stick up for their own culture and identity?

Kitman: Mix- It Up! – Swedish Public Broadcaster – Educating the Young and Impressionable

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  1. Isn't it good if it's an anti-racist video?

    I think its task is a counter attack on presumed racism. But if racism in Sweden is successful (many far right groups are partly unfortunately somewhat successful) it should depend on the use of the invective "racist!" from an "establishment" (media, politicians and, partly, education) towards anyone who mention/discuss problems with our immigration — the largest in the West where half of it is Muslim immigration, and a current problem in many cities and areas which will be a far greater problem in yet more places as well as for our nation.

    Maybe, also, one should label this clip racism. To young people it suggests it's something wrong to NOT "mix it up", so it has a very forceful race message. It also implies that the majority should scrap not just race, but its nation, and thus our cultural inheritance. The rap music (crap suitable for wild parties, and with "criminal traditions"?) belongs to the intended provocation of the video.

    All in all I think this video will just serve to increase polarization between, on one hand, those who want to discuss our (in fact) mass immigration, which within decades will endanger society cohesion, and, on the other hand, left extremists, journalists and politicians — the latter unfortunately both among socialists and non-socialist — who claim that critics against mass immigration is racism.

    I don't think this video will achieve its goal, because it has itself a racist message.

    Also the least racist people in Sweden is those of Swedish origin. Among young immigrants it's a common behavior to bash Swedes as whores etc., and among Muslims I've understand there are rules to not mix up…

  2. I don't think this video is that important, but an effect may be the opposite of its anti-racist intentions, since it satire Swedish culture and national identity.

  3. But it's humor, so I/we may take it too seriously. I don't like racism (or Nazis) either! 🙂

  4. To remain European, European states must protect their indigenous populations (i.e. ensure they remain in the majority).

    The alternative (which the Left prefer) is a "mixed race soup" with no overall defining identity and heritage at all (anyone will do).

    If people want mixed race soup then Europe will sink; "Sweden", "Finland", "France", etc will be meaningless titles with nothing special or unique about them -they'll just be "mixed race soup" in a different geographical location.

  5. All races are mixed soups. That's a fact. I think that there is something which is relevant to depict as racism. If there are proud racists, that's okay, but there is something to argue about.

    I say the problem isn't race.

  6. Disgusting. I wouldn't want to mix it up with any of those new Swedes.

  7. It's crazy to say race hasn't got ANYTHING at all to do with being European. Is there really no difference between, say, an indigenous Swede whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds/thousands of years and a Chinese who moves there today? Are you Chinese if you move to China and get citizenship?

    I think race is certainly one of the factors which contributes towards identity. Race is part of what makes people who they are – if was not classifications like "the black vote", "the hispanic vote", etc. would make no sense.

    I agree that there are many other factors apart from race, but that doesn't mean race/ethnicity is nothing to do with identity at all.

  8. If this video is the product of Swedish public tv, it is a sad day for Sweden.

  9. John Sobieski, who says race, in terms of genetically given attributes, hasn't anything to do with the European people, or with any other ethnic gruop?

    I didn't say that, but I do not worship genetically given attributes as those who search the clean (sic!) race does.

    Again: The human race _has_ mixed up during its history. In ancient times not as much as today. 1000 years ago maybe about 1/250 of the migration rate today, mostly within Europe, due to numbers in history books. One or two persons a day instead of a jet plane a day today.

    To not allow more immigration than two persons a day because that was the level 1000 years and therefor optimal would be ignorant. It's okay if anyone think so, but common values enables peace, thus a common culture is crucial.

    I think the large immigration is dangerous since fast assimilation to culture is impossible. The current immigration rate may be 5 or 10 times as large as we can manage, so SD is okay!

    Again, this has nothing to do with race, but with societal cohesion.

    Racism in terms of worship of genetically given attributes — which btw gets worse if people never mix up — has caused genocide in modern times, as well as it caused genocide e g 1000 years ago, when Brits slaughtered Vikings.

    To divide people's value by their race is a religious act, as well as it is group-think and collectivism. (Generally it isn't humanism!)

    Tony Blairs sister in law, who converted to Islam because of the freedom she sees in Iran (and here daughters follow their mother), shows how irrelevant race is.

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