In “gender equality” Islam, women fill prisons all over the Islamic world for being raped. A woman raped is automatically to blame, she must have done something wrong to get raped, so she’s the guilty one, or at least more guilty than the goon that raped her. KGS

Two gangraped nurses expelled from hostel in Pakistan – The Times of India

PESHAWAR: A hospital probe committee has decided to expel from the hostel two trainee nurses who were gang-raped in this Pakistani city. The reason: The victims violated the rules.

The three-member committee, which was set up to investigate the gangrape of the two trainee nurses of the Khyber Teaching Hospital here, decided to expel the girls from the hostel for violation of rules, the News International reported Thursday.

Sources said that the young women were kidnapped by four people from Sadar Bazaar where they had gone for shopping. The victims were gangraped Sunday.

The assailants then dumped the women on the Ring Road in semi-conscious condition.

The victims’ condition was critical due to profuse bleeding.

The trainee nurses told the hospital committee that Sunday being a public holiday they had gone to Sadar Bazaar for shopping and on their way back to the hospital hostel they asked the taxi driver to stop so that they could buy juice, a source said.

The women said they fell unconscious after drinking the juice and when they regained consciousness, they found themselves in a room where they were gangraped.

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