The next three days will soon determine if Lebanon descends into civil war, if the UN indictment includes Hezbollah terrorist operatives. The Tundra Tabloids posted earlier this year that something was happening within Lebanon, and the shooting incident took place on the border, and now it looks like tension is running high once again. KGS

‘Hizbullah making preparations to seize power in Beirut’

Group conducting simulations in case of Hariri indictments, ‘Asharq Alawsat’ reports; retired general says group could seize power in 3 days.

Sources in Lebanon said that Hizbullah is preparing to seize power in Beirut should the UN Hariri tribunal implicate the group in the assassination of the former prime minister, Lebanon’s Asharq Alawsat reported on Tuesday. The report said that the group is preparing for a “zero hour scenario,” conducting security simulations in the capital city.

The report said that Hizbullah, Amal and other pro-Syrian groups were in close contact and coordination relating to a plan to take control of Beirut, the road to the south of the city, and neutralizing Christian and Sunni areas. The sources said that the groups were already plotting zones of who would control which areas, in a day-after scenario.

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