Possibility that  PKK terrorists make suicide bomb attack against the Turkish state, which by the way, sponsored the terrorist cruise liner Mavi Marmara that was wrapped up as an “aid ship” to run Egypt and Israel’s legal weapons blockade of Hamas run Gaza. KGS

22 injured in Turkey explosion

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) — At least 22 people were wounded in an apparent suicide bombing in the center of Istanbul on Sunday, police said.

Ten police officers and 12 civilians were wounded in the attack in Taksim Square, police said.

Two of the wounded police officers are in critical condition, Istanbul Police Chief Huseyin Capkin said.

The bustling square houses a commercial district and a major transportation network that includes buses, metro systems and taxis. Visitors throng the area, which is typically patrolled by lots of officers.

The suicide bomber struck when the city was marking National Day, which celebrates the declaration of independence for the Turkish republic. The parade was originally scheduled for Friday, but was postponed because of the weather.

Capkin said it appeared that a male suicide bomber caused the explosion. A second unexploded bomb was found near the body of the bomber.

The suspected bomber tried to board a police bus parked in the square, but the explosion happened before he could enter, Capkin said.


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