The Tundra Tabloids can’t wait for these two movements to go (air) head to (pot) head once they realize that their movements pose a major threat to each other’s agenda. The TT apologizes in advance for the two year old shelf-date of the story, but I only came across it just now. Late better than never, right?

“A majority of the panel concluded that “living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive.” 

What can one say about a movement that, in all honesty, will one day come to the eventual conclusion that the next “logical” step is to deny ourselves food. As Fjordman told the TT, “It’s the final step from vegans to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.” Here’s a post on a site dedicated to eating meat that captures the lunacy of the “Plant Rights” and Vegan movements: 

A Guilt Ridden Vegan: Based upon the argument of your website, being vegan is cruel to vegetables and eating meat is more kind to vegetables. You are wrong.The animals that you are consuming eat more calories of vegetables (grains, grasses, and other plants) than any vegan would ever consume directly.Have a great day.

Response: You see, the fact that animals consume so many fruits and vegetables is EXACTLY why it is more humane to eat them – because they at least have the means to fight back. Fruits and vegetables are sentient life forms that cannot defend themselves or flee from predators. Animals can. Who is really the victim here? Meatatarians dole out much deserved justice upon those most cruel to our plant friends.Christopher, you are wrong and I hope you re-examine your life.

Come on folks, you really needed a laugh in the morning. The TT just knew that you did. KGS

NOTE: Read the Silent scream of the asparagus for an extra laugh.

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