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(AhlulBayt News Agency) – Dr Rezvan Alfaqir, Canadian-Moroccan descent cosmologist and space scientist, announced the deployment of an unmanned research spacecraft by Mohammad Institute for Space Science.

With its headquater in Vancouer, Canada this research institute is active in development of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and space exploration in the World of Islam.

This institute cooperates with several research centers around the world recruiting a multicultural, multinational range of skillful scientists.

Expressing his regret over the lost glamour of Muslims in the world of science, Dr Al faqir counted paying respect to the high status of the Prophet Mohammd (PBUH) as the motivation for the mission.

The head of the whole project, Dr Mohammad ai-Faqir announced that the laboratory which is to be based on the Moon by 2013 is upgraded to a bigger laboratory in 2015 and completed into the Mohammad Moon Station two by 2015.

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  1. Hi.
    If my memory serves me right then that guy had already in the past "Actions" he wanted to organise. Their seems to be a problem with the funding of it!

  2. The facility has been built and they claim to have launched an orbital vehicle already. It is in the Gulf Islands National Park, South Pender Island, British Columbia.
    A tunnel boring machine hewed out the launch tube on February 8, 2010. I saw a cruise missile launch from there in Sept. 2010. Hmmmm. Cruise missiles can’t get to the Moon. But they could easily reach the Trident Nuclear Submarine base in Bangor Washington.

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