On his way to Sweden to do what, to meet whom? KGS

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UPDATE: Not at Heathrow but at Arlanda airport in Sweden.

Terror Suspect arrested at Heathrow

A 30-year-old man on suspicion of terrorist crimes, was arrested on Friday by border police at the airport. On Saturday arrested the man in Attunda district court, reported Aftonbladet.

The man is a Turkish citizen and has been an international wanted list on suspicion of crimes including terrorism, kidnapping and hostage-taking in Belgium.

According to Aftonbladet, the man was arrested when he tried to flee to Sweden. The case was handled by SAPO and Belgium have asked the man extradited.

Anders Björk, 30-year-old’s lawyer, would not say how his client’s reaction to the allegations.

– That I will not comment, “says Birch said.

He confirmed that the man was arrested on Saturday, but would not say on what offenses 30-year-old was arrested.

– I would not comment on it in the interests of my client.

The European Arrest Warrant, which applies within the Schengen Union, which is behind his arrest was issued some time ago but only now made the arrest.

– He has been wanted for a long time and has been outside the Schengen area. He came into the Schengen area yesterday (Saturday) via Heathrow. Then the course of the rash and the man was arrested, “said Patrick Peter, press secretary at SAPO.

TT: Where did the plane come from?

– If my information is correct as it came from Syria.

Peter says that he does not know if the man has any links with Sweden, or if by the arrest had tickets for further travel.

Peter stresses that the arrest warrant issued by Belgium, where also the whole investigation is located. A district court shall decide on surrender from Sweden will be, in principle, within 30 days after arrest.

– We will on Monday hold a hearing with him, but it is not a criminal investigative hearings, but has been more to us to hear about whether he objects to being extradited to Belgium, “says Peter.

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