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Breaking News: Rabbi Unable to Speak at Speakers’ Corner

The American rabbi Nachum Shifren is visiting England to meet with members of the English Defence League and express his solidarity with the European resistance to Islamization. See this post at ICLA for a video of a BBC news report featuring Rabbi Shifren. The report describes (in that well-known snarky BBC tone) the growing transatlantic cooperation among groups opposing Islamization.
This afternoon Rabbi Shifren was scheduled to address the crowd at Speakers’ Corner in London. I’ve just received a phone call from an EDL member at the scene, who reports that the rabbi was prevented from speaking by a group of Muslims who effectively occupied Speakers’ Corner.
The rabbi moved to a location a short distance away to give his speech, but was unable to address supporters at Speakers’ Corner itself.
Speakers’ Corner is the epicenter of the tradition of free speech in England. Up until now it has stood as a sanctuary, a sacred place in the heart of English civil liberties.
If you can’t speak out at Speakers’ Corner, then free speech in England is dead.
BBC interview of the Rabbi:

NOTE: The BBC allows a Guardian journalist to have the last word who wrongly paints a picture of a situation that doesn’t exist. Equating Muslims of today with Jews from a hundred years ago is nonsense. Judaism does not call for the subjugation of the infidel, Islam in fact..does.
UPDATE: Gates: 
Our same EDL correspondent just sent this email:

Just found a cyber cafe in where I’m waiting for a train.

The rabbi gave a rousing speech just round the corner from the Israeli embassy. However, before he spoke a left-wing activist threw some water on the sound equipment, which stopped it working for a while. When he spoke there was a crackle from the speakers due to the damage done to the equipment.

The EDL people then dispersed, and around fifty accompanied the group across the London parks to Speakers’ Corner where Muslims seem to always have a predominant presence. When we arrived near the corner the police stopped the rabbi and the EDL from entering Speakers’ Corner, thereby preventing him from speaking there. It seems that Speakers’ Corner now belongs to the Ummah.

In the event, the police were in a difficult position, but the instinct to side with the Muslims, due to years of politically correct indoctrination, seems clear. In the end they let him speak across from Speakers’ Corner and there was a massive crowd of spectators.

There was a police cordon between the EDL and the Muslim denizens of Speakers’ Corner who came over to watch. Some of the EDL did engage some of the Muslims in debate in small groups, so it showed that the EDL are willing to enter into dialogue with individual Muslims. That was productive.

But the principle of Speakers’ Corner is that people are allowed to speak. That is a cornerstone of English culture, and a rabbi was prevented from doing so, presumably because the authorities could not guarantee his safety in an area that is increasingly used by Muslims. Things were peaceful, which of course is a good thing, but it seems that another pillar of freedom of speech in England has now fallen, thanks to the role of Multiculturalism.

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