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  1. The marijuana party would get my vote.

    California votes soon on proposition 19, which will end prohibition and legalise cannabis for persons over 21 years old. Way to go, California!

    Cannabis should be legalised. The government has no business telling adults they can't smoke pot if they want to.

    People should be able to decide for themselves. that's the difference between freedom and sharia law.

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  2. @Anon: You could also argue the government has no business telling adults they can't sniff glue, inject heroine or perform masochistic acts on themselves. Would that lead to more freedom too?

  3. Vermont is a classic example of a pristine, low-crime, currently White area of the rapidly declining U.S. They have the luxury of being leftist, as they're not inundated by the secretive, lying, anti-White hordes yet… like Scandinavia of old you could say. Vermont is also a fascinating example of old stock America – both in substance and spirit (which are inseparable unless you believe the politically correct, Frankfurt school, diversity-cult propaganda).

  4. @Stefcho: People can already sniff as much glue as they want and the government can't stop them. If people are stupid enough to do it, then it's their own concern and nobody elses.
    Likewise masochism. People can already do it to themesleves and others to some degree. Again, it's their own concern.
    If people want to shoot heroin or smoke pot, then they have as much right to do that as they have to drink a bottle of whisky per day.
    It's called freedom. Maybe you don't believe in it. Maybe you have a lot in common with those who would control and regulate every detail of people's lives. Maybe you would be comfortable with Sharia law.

  5. Things are looking good for freedom in the USA.

    California is to vote on legalising marijuana and nationwide Republicans and the Tea Party activists are increasingly pro individual choice and responsibility and favouring pot legalisation:


    It looks like Big Government socialists and other anti freedom commissars have had their day.

    Get big government repression out of peoples lives.

    Support Proposition 19

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