The Taliban and Hamas and Fattah are all terrorists

The destination for these weapons was the Palestinian Authority. Let’s see here, Taliban = al-Qaida, Taliban running weapons to the Arabs in the “Disputed Territories” = the Arab terrorists there in cahoots with al-Qaida. So an al-Qaida- Fakestinian Arabs nexus does exist. So why are the Europeans and the Obama administration so interested in doing business with Hamas & Fattah terrorist thugs who are aligned with the jihad? KGS

Via: Vlad Tepes

Taliban elements found in South Korea: report

Trend: “Taliban elements have illegally entered South Korea, local media reported Friday citing an unidentified intelligence source, Xinhua reported. South Korea’s intelligence authorities, in collaboration with Interpol, seized a vessel carrying strategic weapons material heading to the Palestinian territories, and are now running after Taliban insurgents in the country, Seoul Newspaper said. The Taliban members targeted South Korea due to its lack of systematic control of strategic weapons, the newspaper said.”

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