Major Jihad


CSM: “Will Fort Hood shooting trial find motive
– or link to terrorism?”

“MAJOR JIHAD” Nidal Hassan:
And the infidels keep wondering about my motives
Only a moron would ask the question as to whether or not the jihadi attack on US soldiers by the Palestinian Arab was linked to terrorism, as well as wonder about the motive. The jihadi laid out his plans all too well in his dissertations to US military personnel during his “info seminars”, and only if someone was knowledgeable about Islam listening to what he was saying, would have understood that he was laying the case for the justification of the acts he was about to commit. So the military still wonders over his motives. It’s Islam stupid. KGS
CS MONITOR: But Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups say no matter: They are hailing Hasan, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, as a hero worthy of emulation. Though the Nov. 5 shooting was not on the scale of a 9/11-style attack, it served the same purpose: to terrify “the Crusader West” and shake America off kilter, according to an Al Qaeda spokesman.
“Hasan has become almost everything they’ve been hoping … he’s legendary now within their movement,” says Jarret Brachman, an expert on international terrorist groups and author of “Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice.”
Hasan’s ties to US-born Muslim cleric and terrorist recruiter Anwar Al-Awlaki have given rise to the theory that Hasan carried out the first international terrorist attack against America since 9/11.

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  1. "Will Fort Hood shooting trial find motive
    – or link to terrorism?"

    NO. If it did, it would harm the diversity of the US armed forces, which would be a far greater disaster then say, losing a war.

  2. The whole situation from the first tragic gunshot has been sanitized, manipulated, and met with the most idiotic, apologist, patronizing and PC statements. It makes one wonder who the real enemy is.

  3. @DP111: The victims and families of Fort Hood have been treated like jihad-fodder. They have been betrayed by both the government and the armed forces who should have been protecting them. Then the MSM weigh in and can't find a motive (when it has been clear from the very beginning)… WTF?

    The whole thing is so disgustingly immoral and insulting – it's sewer politics at its very worst and it stinks to high heaven!

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