CDU Germany Turkey Website Hacking


Photo: A screenshot of the CDU Hamburg website.

The recent remarks by CDO chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel that Turks needs to intergrate into German society has brought the jihadis out in full force, with a number of CDU website being hacked and effectively taken over by the Mussulmen. KGS

Turkish hackers attack CDU websites

Two regional websites for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) were hacked on Tuesday by unknown perpetrators claiming to be Turkish following controversial comments by her conservatives on immigration. 
Police and domestic intelligence agencies are now investigating in both the city-state of Hamburg and the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after CDU officials said their party sites were paralysed overnight when hackers replaced their homepages with a black background featuring a Turkish crest and critical comments.

Hackers “GHoST61” and “Emre Y” had left their mark claiming responsibility for sabotaging the site, with the comment, “Hi Hamburg: We are from Turkey.”

In Hamburg the CDU took its website offline by mid-morning on Tuesday, spokesperson Anna Christina Hinze said. 

The Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian arm of the CDU had a similar experience, discovering that their website had been replaced with an Ottoman Empire crest and some pointed questions about the party’s immigration policies. Their site was repaired by afternoon.

The hackers left a message asking: “Where is the money for integration? Where is the money for mosques?” and “Where is the tolerance? Where is the freedom of religion?“

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  2. Tolerance. That's it!!

    You tolerate us but we don't tolerate you.

    That's not something taught in the glorious Quran.

  3. Help! I just read about oncoming visit by lover of Ahmedinejad, the Stalinist Chavez, to Portugal ( see,_venezuela_leaders_seek_new_world_order/page/full/)! Is there any way to inspire anti-fascism (the language and struggle for "anti-Fascism" must be reclaimed by the right, against the totalitarian left!) supporters there to demonstrate against the joint alliance of Chavez and Islam in Portugal.

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