Turkey War Crimes


Every time Turkey points a finger at Israel for some imagined ‘crime’, just remember this, the Turkish state under many different regimes has been responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity, and has never been forced to come to terms with them by the international community. 
On the contrary, they’ve been awarded top spots within the UN, a Turk heads the largest Islamic political-religious organization on the planet, the OIC, as well as having been made a member of NATO, though Turkey has never been anywhere near being a fully democratic state. Time for Turkey to admit its guilt, end its crimes and pay up. KGS

2 Responses

  1. 1) Armenian genocide
    2) Genocide denial
    3) Ethnic cleansing of Kurds
    4) Ethnic discrimination (basically racism) against Kurds
    5) The occupation of Cyprus
    6) Not so long before that was Smyrna and the massacre of Greek Christians.

    … and they want to lecture us on fairness?

    Instead of appeasing Turkey we should:
    1) Kick them out of NATO.
    2) Reject Turkey's EU membership bid outright.
    3) Demand Turkey pay for the damage they've caused to the above peoples.

  2. Stefcho, thank you for remembering my people, the Armenians. My father survived the genocide march into the desert. He told us 'don't trust Muslims, they don't think like us'. The Turks have never apologized for it. Note that no Muslim authority has ever apologized for the mass murder of 80 million Hindus in the Muslim armies invasions of India, the largest mass murder in the history of humanity.

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