This sums up both the court’s prosecution of its case against the Dutch politician. Watch the Muslim member of the Dutch bar as he utters one incoherent line after the other, then the long tailed hippy wandering through the courtroom, passing stuff out and waving his hand. Pure farce, pure Python. Thanks to VH for translating it and Vlad Tepes for subtitling and YouTubing it. KGS

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  1. Muslims and their lackeys are such losers. I know the judges hate to see their 'protected class' acting like such jerks. Must break their hearts.

  2. For sure they (the judges) were going the a tough moment when their plaintiffs, (we all know the court engineered the charges against Wilders) looked and behaved from a scene straight out of monty python skit.

  3. What a circus. The whole thing is a farce if this little excerpt is typical.

    The Dutch legal system is inviting scorn and ridicule with this sort of nonsense.

  4. Wow, that 'witness' really nailed the prosecution case!

  5. I am quite pleased with the young man sitting at the bench… I assume he is the "president" of the Court… he got quite angry at the muzzie so-called lawyer for acting like he was standing on a soap-box. The muzzie with the white hat really showed his ignorance and lack of education AND lack of "class" during the whole thing.
    Yes, buddy (writing to the muzzie jerk in the white cap)… this is Europe, the EU and the Netherlands where people are quite often brought up to respect elders, which you are not able to do. I tell you what – why don't you take your white head-cap and pack up all your stuff and go back to the God-forsaken country from which you came – everyone will be a lot happier and a lot better off without your particular brand of filth and ignorance around.

  6. The Dutch legal system is now officially a joke.

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