The Finnish branch of the ICAHD has a petition out, highlighted by the fact that it was signed by the “self anointed intellectual elite” demanding that the Finnish government end it’s weapons contract with the Jewish state of Israel. 
Here is a video put out by the group Israel-Finland Alliance that has a petition to be signed (by Finns only) which seeks to highlight the ludicrous notion that an organization that declares itself being an apolitical organization, but whose members (in Finland as well) are noted anti-Israel extremists, such as YLE’s Hannu Reme, or hard Left politician, Paavo Arhinmäki etc..
The video has only Finnish text is now in English, and the subtitles to the vid will be applied to a mirror copy. The petition itself is the transcript for the entire video, which will be posted below the video. Special thanks to Vlad Tepes, who’s a solid supporter of the democratic state of the Jews, Israel,  for editing the entire project. KGS
To The Finnish Government:
We, the signatories, consider the petition of the Finnish ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)-organization to stop the arms trade with Israel to be both exorbitant and unfounded. We share the view of President Tarja Halonen and Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb that the arms trade between Finland and Israel is small and follows strictly the principles set out by the EU. For example, the share of Israel in the import to Finland of defense material is only 3.6 per cent, and no embargo exists on export of arms to Israel.
ICAHD is specialized in defaming Israel. For example, in 2009 the Finnish branch of this organization invited Norman Finkelstein to Finland. Even according to the information given by Wikipedia, Finlelstein has “gained publicity for his anti-Zionist opinions”. Finkelstein routinely compares Israel with Nazi-Germany, which fits the definition of antisemitism formulated in 2005 by the EU Monitoring Centre Against Racism (EUMC) of that time. According to this definition, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is an example “of the ways in which antisemitism manifests itself with regard to the State of Israel, taking into account the overall context”.
No other country with whom Finland trades in arms has received equally visible and negative attention, not even if that country would have killed thousands of civilians (e.g., China, Russia, the US) during the last decades. Therefore, the petition mentioned above cannot be motivated only by moral indignation over Israel´s acts of self-defense.
As a consequence, only one explanation for the petition seems to remain: it mainly represents – perhaps even without the signatories´ awareness – an ambition to turn Israel into “the Jew of the nations”, the scapegoat of the world. Such an ambition reflects an age-old anti-Semitism which is deep-seated in European culture and nowadays finds its politically correct form in anti-Zionism.
We hope that the political leadership of Finland will not succumb to making decisions which are based on the most extreme views.

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