Anybody ever wonder why these Antifa thugs never mobilize to defend free speech, instead of just gathering to squelch it? In the USA, such a thing hasn’t evolved, yet, though the SIEU union thugs come as close as it can, which gets the overwhelming majority of US citizens being repulsed by their strong arm tactics at time. But the Antifa thugs in Europe are in class all by themselves, with not one politician from the “self anointed elite” willing to take that organization to task for its violence an undemocratic methods. Think about it, especially the next time you see the black hoods with keffiyah face masks. KGS

European Freedom Initiative Will Go Ahead With Amsterdam Rally For Free Expression Despite Opposition From Antifa
The European Freedom initiative will demonstrate at Museumplein, Amsterdam on 30 October from 2pm – 5pm.  The action will be mounted in support of freedom of speech, and particularly in protest against the outrageous treatment that Geert Wilders has received at the hands of the Dutch state.  The intimidation of political dissidents has become a serious problem across Europe and this is something that needs to be opposed.
Since the European Freedom Initiative (EFI) announced its intention to stand up for freedom of expression by demonstrating in Amsterdam so-called ‘anti-fascists’ have been planning counter demonstrations, and goodness knows what else!  The EFI is a peaceful citizens movement made up of a diverse group of people from a number of European countries.  It has come together in the spirit of international co-operation against a dangerous trend that has come to threaten our most cherished traditions of freedom.
Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of Western Civilisation, and the basis of our open democratic societies.  Our political leaders have, for some time now, been undermining that freedom.  Geert Wilders was brought to trial because he opposes the spread of sharia, and as a result he has faced intimidation via the judicial system.  Many more citizens from across Europe face similar treatment at the hands of an overbearing state.
Antifa are well known across Europe for their violence and intimidation against those whose political beliefs conflict with their own and Antifa groups have pledged to oppose the EFI’s rally for free expression.  The efforts of so-called ‘antifascists’, to demonise those who want to oppose the establishment of sharia norms in the Netherlands and across Europe, show a gross disregard for the principles of an open society based on fact and rational debate.  It is necessary to ask why they apparently support sharia, which is a total system and not an alternative to a legal system based on equality?  Do they really want this barbaric and iniquitous legal code to become entrenched in Europe?  Do they believe in the equality of women, the right of people to be honest about their own sexuality, the right of people to have true freedom of religion, and their right to enjoy equality before the law?

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