This is what happens when a Leftist TV station handles anything related to  Sweden Democrats, whether it be an Israeli organization or a European one. Big attention is focused on the past of the party from twenty years ago, of which the present leadership has totally divested themselves of the platform and the people who used to run it, while nothing is mentioned of the present day SDP which is full of anti-Israel anti-Semites and people who openly sympathize with the supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas.
Real nazis/fascists in Sweden have something very much in common with the Swedish Social Democrats (SDP) which up until a few years ago, ran Sweden for over six decades; over expansive socialist policies, a hatred for Israel and right-wing Jews, as well as a loathing for the Sweden Democrats. Those are the facts, and while you might object to the SD’s objection to circumcision and religious slaughtering, they are the most up front, ardent defenders of the Jewish state of Israel.
That, more than anything else is what sets off the self anointed political elite against them, and seek every which way to offset that support by insinuating that it’s all a front to gain respectability, all the while they themselves the SDP and like ilk, loathe anyone for openly supporting the Jewish state of Israel. KGS

A more sane interview by British Channel Four of Kent Ekeroth

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